Carrie Ann Inaba Writes On How DWTS Season 22 Touched Her, An Open Letter

Carrie Ann Inaba has written her last blog of the season at Access Hollywood. She talks of why Dancing With The Stars Season 22 was her favorite and how touched she was by the contestants this season. So much so, she was moved to learn sign language. You can read the full blog at Access Hollywood. Below is her open letter “to anyone who wants to try something new but is afraid”….

To Anyone Who Wants to Try something New but is Afraid;

To all of you who have a desire, a dream, or a daring thought of doing something you have never done before, of trying something you wish you had done many years ago and may be afraid you are too old to do now.

To those of you who feel a tug in your heart when you watch someone dancing, singing, painting, volunteering, or reaching out to help when no one else will, because deep in your heart, you want to be that person…

To the shy souls that want to say hello to a neighbor they always see but have never learned his/her name, or to the successful business people who really just want to start their own small business and simplify their lives,

I offer you this: Life is a journey, your personal journey.

It is yours to explore your heart’s desires and your most secret dreams.

If you listen to the whispers of your heart, even if you think people may laugh or judge you, you will find yourself satisfied and you will give yourself joy.

For life is about growth and expanding, exploring the unknown, and pursuing your own bliss.

Start small, or go for it all.
But I urge you all to dare to live the life you want to live.
And maybe even one day, we will see you on Dancing with the Stars.

Have a beautiful summer and I hope to see you soon.

To all the Season 22 contestants, thank you for daring to dance with us. Your courage has inspired us all. I hope you have enjoyed and have been enriched by the journey. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with you all, and to do something I love. Spread love wherever you can and I’ll see you next season! xoxo

— Carrie Ann Inaba