Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas Vacations With BC Jean In Hawaii

Some of the pros of Dancing With The Stars are taking some wonderful time off from the show. Mark Ballas and fiancé BC Jean went to Hawaii. Read below for what he said about it. #AWWwwMoment

5 days ago my fiancé @bcjean woke me up at 6am & told me to get up & be ready to leave the house in 20 minutes. I was so exhausted and a little resistant, but she told me I didn't have a choice. So, I rolled out of bed, got in the shower & was dressed in 15 minutes. The next words out of her mouth were "I packed for you", as she gestured to my big suitcase, and before I knew it we were in an uber headed to an unknown destination. The hour long car ride had me confused, guessing the entire time as to where we were going. Then we pulled up to LAX airport, but it wasn't until she checked us in and handed me my boarding pass did I know exactly what was going on. She said "I'm taking you to Maui for your 30th birthday to swim with the turtles, relax, recover and think about nothing." I looked down at the ticket and it said Maui on it.. I was in utter disbelief. Fast forward 7 hours later we immediately started 5 of the best days I have ever had, beginning with a helicopter ride straight after landing on Hawaiian soil. Our adventures continued with scuba diving, road tripping, laying out, fantastic dinners, enjoying nature and unforgettable scenery. Lastly….. I finally got to check off a bucket list item of mine which was swimming with the turtles ? I feel completely rested, healed & rejuvenated. I can't thank my lovely fiancé enough. I wish we didn't have to go back tmrw. This has been the best vacation together yet & I can't wait for more. I love you more & more every day.. I needed this more than you know.. Or I guess you did know ? I love you.

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