Private Members Area – DWTS Off Season Discussion

It’s time for the Dancing with the Stars summer break. Time to enjoy some friendly, educated banter with the Pure DWTS Insiders. If you’re not a Pure DWTS Insider yet, you can do so here. If you are, then I look forward to the discussion in the comments.

As most of you know, we generally take a bit of time off (except for Vogue who is basically a really attractive machine) during the summer and during the holidays in between seasons. With that said, we thought we’d open an off season private member areas thread for private members to chat during the summer break as well (thanks to Cidra for the gentle prodding).

I’m sure much of the conversation will be on DWTS, but nothing wrong with a little bit of summer fun discussion as well. I know if Court doesn’t share a pic of her at a beach or pool somewhere I’m going to be disappointed.

Anyway, this is your space. Have fun and be friendly!