Mark Ballas And BC Jean Talk On Their New Music, DWTS, And More In New Interview

Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas and BC Jean were interviewed by Parade. They ask them about their new music and how Mark quit smoking. Below they ask them about Dancing With The Stars and one of the best dances of the season.

Speaking of dancing, congratulations on a great season of Dancing With the Stars. Looking back on this past season, what were some of the highlights?

MB: It was just fun. You know, I really enjoyed the process. My partner was incredibly talented, naturally gifted and talented, which allowed me to really guide creatively, you know, and I think I kind of produced some of my best work yet, and I just really enjoyed it.

For a lot of fans, a favorite moment was when BC sang “Over the Rainbow” for the final dance. What was that moment like for you guys?

BC: It was such a special moment all around. I think that you saw that through Mark’s emotions after he performed. You couldn’t see me afterward, but he choked up, I choked up, it was definitely just special, you know? They had come so far and worked so hard…and that song is just so beautiful, and that moment. I was just lucky to be a part of it.

MB: Yeah, I mean, you come so far, you work so hard, and to be able to do a dance with that much emotion behind it, and feeling, and a story, and also to have your fiancée singing one of the most iconic songs I think of all time. I don’t know what happened, I got a little choked up there! It was an awesome moment, very different from anything I’ve experienced.

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ETA: Below is Mark and BC on Hollywood Live Today. Check out what Mark says on Dancing With The Stars and how his words of his departing were taken out of context.

And they performed too…