DWTS Maks And Val Chmerkovskiy New “Our Way” Interviews, Photos, And Videos

Just a few updates on Maks And Val Chmerkovskiy and their “Our Way” tour. First, see Communities Digital News for a new interview with Val. In this take, he talks of how he’s been overwhelmed by the positive reviews of their show. Like Cheryl Burke and her new show, they are hoping to have a home at Las Vegas and Broadway.

Val said he’s been overwhelmed by the positive reviews after the first few weeks of the “Our Way” tour.

“People cry during our show. They laugh, it’s a roller coaster,” Val said. The response is beyond any of my expectations. It has exceeded them … I’m humbled, I’m flattered. It’s surreal. The fact we have our names on the marquee, it’s a gift to our parents. I never received a more enthusiastic response from any audience for any show.”

In addition to his dance numbers including several with Maks, Val gets to display his skills as a musician, playing the violin. “Yes, in a little section I help compose a Fiddler on the Roof/Notorious B.I.G. mashup,” he laughed. “It signifies our journey from Ukraine to New York City.”

Adding to the family theme of the show is the impending birth of Maks’ first child with DWTS pro Peta Murgatroyd. Val says it’s changed his brother for the better.

‘With this new development in his life, it’s added a completely different perspective on life for him. I’ve never seen my brother more put together, more dedicated than ever.”

Val said the ultimate goal for the show after it concludes its initial 47 city tour is to one day have a home on Broadway or Las Vegas. For now, lucky fans can let the show come to them.

“I’m not trying to say we’re the greatest dancers of all time,” said Val. “There are people out there right now better than us. It’s not about that. It’s about heart, it’s about reflecting on gratitude about where we came from and passing our passion to the next generation. That’s what the show’s about.

Be sure to see Communities Digital News to read the full interview. There are some beautiful photos there too. Thanks to Andrea for sending.

The Washington Post has also posted a new interview. Maks and Val answer questions on their tour, Dancing With The Stars, and more. For those who have seen the show, do you agree with this answer? I would say the “Move Live On Tour” has had more impact on how dance shows are produced than this show or the Dancing With The Stars shows. Hmmmm…..

Q: Did it help that the “Dancing With the Stars” live tour is not happening this summer?

A: Val: No, the two have nothing to do with one another. Obviously, we’re not going to deny the fact that a majority of our audiences are fans of “Dancing With the Stars.” But the shows are as vastly different as it gets. It’s a dance show, yes, but it’s ultimately a play, and it’s so heavily detail-oriented — there’s a through line, there’s a plot, from the beginning to the end — and there’s so much heart attached and camaraderie that’s onstage. It’s very, very different than any “Dancing With the Stars” or any other tour having to do with anybody from “Dancing With the Stars” that has ever been out.

In a nutshell, our inspiration moving into this project was “Hamilton.” In some ways, what “Hamilton” has done for Broadway shows — what it has done for the interpretation of history and how it fused all these worlds together into this modern, contemporary, hip-hop field, and delivered it in such an incredible way — we were inspired to do a similar thing for ballroom dancing and for dance shows in general. I’m not comparing us to “Hamilton,” by no means. But ultimately this show will have an everlasting impact on how dance shows are produced in general.

More at the Washington Post. Thanks to Linz for this find.

Also, if you want to take in some videos from the Our Way show, see Desireedianax3 You Tube and Fluently Sarcastic You Tube. Thanks to Andrea for these finds too. And below are more.

Don’t miss some fun fan photos of the show at Erica Lang’s twitter page too if interested and that is all for now. xx