Interesting 2016 Emmy Nominations Numbers Report, How Dancing With The Stars Ranked

According to TV By The Numbers, Dancing With The Stars ranked 5th in TV viewers of the 20 Emmy Nominated Series. Excellent….

5. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (ABC, reality-competition series)
Adults 18-49: 1.8. Viewers: 11.97 million.

4. ‘American Ninja Warrior’ (NBC, reality-competition series)
Adults 18-49: 1.9. Viewers: 6.54 million.*
(*Ratings for the summer 2015 season. The current season will be eligible for next year’s Emmys.)

3. ‘Modern Family’ (ABC, comedy series)
Adults 18-49: 2.6. Viewers: 7.92 million.

2. ‘The Voice’ (NBC, reality-competition series)
Adults 18-49: 2.6. Viewers: 11.15 million.*
(*Averages for all episodes on all nights it aired.)

1. ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO, drama series)
Adults 18-49: 3.9. Viewers: 7.69 million.

For the complete Top 20, see TV By The Numbers.

Also, CBS News did a number count of the Most Nominated Programs. Dancing With The Stars placed in the top half or so. Check it out here. Fascinating!! For more on Dancing With The Stars and it’s Emmy Nominations, see this previous post.