Has Val Chmerkovksiy Met His Partner For Dancing With The Stars Season 23?

The East Valley Tribune published a new interview with Val and Maks Chmerkovksiy. They talk about their new tour. Also, Val mentions Dancing With The Stars and how he’s talked with his partner for Dancing With The Stars. Hmmmm….

Val and Maks have been inspired during their time on “Dancing,” which returns Monday, Sept. 12. It’s uncertain whether Maks will return, but Val slipped.

“I’m not going to say who, but I was talking with my ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner yesterday,” Val said. “We started the new season.

“I told my partner that as magical as (‘Dancing’) has been to me, it doesn’t define who I am. It doesn’t define my journey or my story or my ambition or what I ultimately want to do with this platform.

“It isn’t my dream to go to Hollywood and become the next Fred Astaire.”

Instead, Maks and Val wanted to make their parents proud.

I’m shocked if he’s met his partner already. To read more, see the East Valley Tribune.

Heidi: Val “slipped”?? That wasn’t a slip, that was a brag. He’s so full of crap half the time that I don’t know what to think. Already talking to his partner and getting a leg up on the competition by establishing a relationship? Nice. Since they’re on tour, it’s probably only a phone conversation, but still. It’s not his dream to go to Hollywood?? Um…he works in Hollywood. He also claims to not understand why fans see this rivalry with the C-bros and Derek when he fans the flames every time he opens his mouth. I think he might be more obsessed with what Derek is doing than I am. 🙂 If DWTS didn’t define him, he wouldn’t place so much emphasis on winning. And the implication that going to Hollywood and making his parents proud are mutually exclusive is just idiotic. These boys are great dancers…but they should really stop talking.