Let’s Play “Guess the DWTS Season 23 Celebrity” (Cast Rumors and Watchout)

Well, Courtney, Vogue and myself have been trying to figure out who this tweet refers to:

They don’t appear to represent any Olympians, but from what we can tell they do represent the following people:
Alan Thicke
Sherilyn Fenn (has a new book out)
Ryan Newman (Nascar or actress??)
Cynthia Bailey (Actress – and a real housewife…)
Tommy Davidson (Sharknado)
Kevin Lacz (Author/actor – Think American Sniper)

They also represent quite a few former DWTS Celebs from the looks of it. Here’s your assignment, should you choose to accept it: Find out which of their clients is going to do DWTS. Fun game for you all while I run to work. 🙂 The fact that Cynthia is a Real Housewife gives me pause, I must say…