The Cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 23 is Announced on GMA – Live Blog

Well, sorta live. πŸ™‚ I’m partially here. If you want to see our prediction posts or our season 23 Pro Watch to recap what we’ve said to date, click the links.

I missed the first minute or two but Courtney sez that Lochte appears to be one of the cast that is actually there.

GMA just confirmed Lochte on DWTS…said they’ll be talking to him about what “really happened in Rio and his new adventure on DWTS”.

Okay, here we go with Lochte…apparently he’s the big dog on DWTS this season as he’s getting a whole segment. Starting with the Rio scandal rehash. GMA – so lame.

Busted…she asked why did you lie. He’s not smart enough to catch it and say, “I exaggerated”.

He says that media has investigated and confirmed he never went in the bathroom. The exaggeration was the gun to his head. Says his team is dealing with the legal issues. He’s painful to watch, actually.

Getting better…Lochte was signed on to DWTS before all this stuff happened, asked if he thinks it’s a good idea to do the show. Emotionally hard, but all his fans and family have been positive and he thinks that the show is perfect to move forward. Yes, we are sick and tired of hearing about it.

Vogue here for a tiny bit while Heidi takes a shower. There was just an Olympian and Politician teaser. Oh my, I can’t wait to see Rick Perry in a cha cha costume. 😯

Heidi’s back!! Whew. Hard to get ready for work and blog at the same time. Imagine me sitting in front of my computer conditioning my hair and then putting on makeup.

Local news just said “We know Derek is back, we know Maks is back, we know Ryan Lochte is on…the rest coming up on GMA”.

Heh. Maks, Val and the rest?? They need to give the real star his due. πŸ˜‰ Tom dusting off a massive Mirror Ball in Times Square.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Val realized that he wasn’t going to be the center of attention this season like he is in the video they keep playing…at least two guys with more pull on that stage this season. Though they did still give him Laurie…he’s going to need the help, I’m thinking.

Damn you, Lochte!! The smile and the dimples are getting to me!

Laurie pops out of the massive Mirror Ball.

Tom pulling out the Comedy. LOL

Getting ready…putting in what we know...or think we know πŸ˜‰ already. Nailed the stars!!

Derek – Marilu Henner
Maks – Amber Rose
Val – Laurie Hernandez
Gleb – Jana Kramer
Sasha – Terra Jole
Artem – Maureen McCormick

Cheryl – Ryan Lochte
Emma – Rick Perry
Witney – Vanilla Ice
Allison – Babyface Edmonds
Lindsay – Calvin Johnson
Jenna – Jake Austin
Sharna – James Hinchcliffe

Just what we need…more Val on TV looking…messy.

Cheryl! Looking fantastic. I’ve actually missed her. She’s one of the best – another reason for Val to worry. πŸ˜€

Well, I have to go to work!! Happy DWTS y’all!!