Detroit Lions Coach Jim Caldwell Says Calvin Johnson Will Be A “Rather Smooth” Dancer

Despite what some of Calvin Johnson’s team mates say, Detroit Lions Coach Jim Caldwell says Calvin Johnson is a “rather smooth” dancer. Here is more from the Coach and Calvin from

Johnson retired in March, after nine seasons as one of the NFL’s most dominant players. He holds virtually every Lions receiving record, and Jones, a “Dancing with the Stars” fan, said that there might be some carryover skills that help Johnson in his reality competition.

“Maybe the footwork,” Jones said. “Maybe being in shape, used to working out, having to be conditioned to perform a routine. So there’s definitely some things that can pan out, but it’s a very different sport.”

Lions coach Jim Caldwell said Johnson looked “smooth” the few times he saw him on the dance floor at his wedding, but he allowed that “that was a controlled environment, so maybe (his former teammates) know more than I do.”

Still, Caldwell said he expects Johnson to shine when the cameras come on.

“I think he’ll be able to hold his own,” Caldwell said. “He’s been very, very good at everything else he’s done. I think he might surprise everybody.”

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