Dancing With The Stars Season 23 First Las Vegas Odds

Sports Bovada has released their first Odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 23. Look below and see if you agree. Afterwards, the Angels will weigh in. Be sure to tell us your thoughts too in comments.

Laurie Hernandez +350
Amber Rose +500
Vanilla Ice +700
Calvin Johnson +750
Jana Kramer +800
Marilu Henner +1000
Jake T. Austin +1000
Ryan Lochte +1000
James Hinchcliffe +1200
Babyface +1200
Terra Jole +1600
Maureen McCormick +2500
Rick Perry +3300

Vogue: You know what? I think the odds makers have it really wrong this time. After seeing the first clip with Laurie yesterday, I don’t think she’s going to do as well as they think. I also don’t think Vanilla Ice will make it to third. I could be wrong, but, Maureen McCormick will make if further than the second week with her fan base alone. I think the only one they are right on is Rick Perry being the first to leave….or maybe Ryan Lochte? Anyway, I think Amber, Jana, Marilu, and Calvin should be at the very top….in what order, I’m not sure. I look forward to my fellow angels thoughts and all of yours. Also, Sports Bovada, if you read this, please do your odds every week. We love them even if we disagree sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Heidi: I think Jana or Terra might be the first one out, both because they aren’t as well known as the other celebs and neither has a name pro (yet). So, Jana is way too high, as is Vanilla Ice. Jake is also too high – kid has a “too cool for school” attitude and has a new pro to boot. He might make it to week three. I think Marilu will make the top 4 because….Derek almost always makes the top 4. The odds are good. But, she is older – fabulous (want to be her if I ever grow up), but still competing against several younger people. I don’t think Amber will make it all the way to number two – Maks and Val share more of a fanbase than most think. And, for that reason, I don’t think Laurie is anywhere close to a sure thing. Finally, as with every season, it all depends on the editing and the pimping. Even with Val having the biggest ringer of this season (and perhaps since season 18), they won’t be able to resist giving him a helping hand. After all, Derek is a short timer and Maks may be as well. Not to mention Derek’s 6 MBTs. Why let either of them get close to the trophy??

Courtney: I’ve already said it on Twitter, but I’ll say it again here for good measure: I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that both Chmerkovskiy brothers make the top 4.ย  And I’ll even elaborate and say that the fact that Maks, Val, Sharna, & Jenna are all considered part of “The Fam” may actually hurt them in the long run – I’m seeing a pattern of fans saying they’re going to be voting for all 4 of those couples.ย  A ton of votes divided 4 ways is…not a ton of votes. Maks is not the priority for TPTB that Val is – so I’m fully expecting TPTB to lend Val (and golden girl Laurie) a helping hand while letting the chips fall where they may as far as Amber is concerned.ย  At best, I think Amber should be 5th on the list, even if she’s a great dancer. That being said – what I’ve seen of Laurie so far has not been as outwardly impressive as I was expecting it to be.ย  She seems like she may move a tad small, which is unusual giving how explosive she was in her floor routine during the Olympics.ย  I think she could get quite a run for her money from Marilu, who is apparently looking FANTASTIC and has been a DWTS megafan for awhile – so I’d definitely put her higher on this list.ย  Also too low? Hinch, who seems to be charming the hell out of just about everyone – which may actually carry him further than his dance skills this season (although from the way Sharna’s been talking, he may actually be halfway decent).ย  I’d put him 6th, just under Amber – with the assumption that he could absolutely worm his way higher in week 3 & beyond. I agree with Heidi that both Jake & Terra are too high – and they were also my picks for first out.ย  Both are lesser known, and both come with a bit of infamy – Jake also has the added caveat of an untested pro.ย  I’m also not nearly as convinced as some that Jana is going to be “a natural” – so far, the impression I’ve gotten is that she may be a bit fragile and prone to a meltdown if she hits a wall…so I’d put her lower…maybe just below Hinch but above Lochte & Rick.ย  As for those two – I can’t imagine any universe where either of those two go out first, despite what the (young-skewing) Twitter-verse seems to think.ย  DWTS viewers have always skewed more toward conservatives/Christians/supporters of the military – Rick is all three.ย  And a disgraced Olympic medalist is still an Olympic medalist nonetheless – and judging from some of the incensed tweets I was getting over the weekend after referring to Ryan as a “f*ckboy”, he still has support…and he has Cheryl, which seems to have excited some fans to the point that I think they’ll be throwing a decent amount of votes their way. As for the other 4 – they’re kinda big question marks for me. I think Ice could be pretty good or pretty bad, and I’m interested to see how Witney’s choreo does or doesn’t improve this season.ย  I think Maureen wants to do well, but I’m verrrrry skeptical about her pro and his commitment to the partnership; Calvin could be good, but he’s also striking me as a bit shyer than other NFL players we’ve had, and the Lions’ fanbase is a bit iffier than some teams’. Babyface could also go either way, as could Allison’s choreography.ย  Will be interesting to see, come week 1…

So what are YOUR thoughts? Who should be higher? Who should be lower? Who is in the right place?