Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 3 – LIVE BLOG!!

Site rules in are effect – don’t hit refresh every 2 minutes, make sure you’re not posting one-liners, etc. Instead of doing two live blogs, I will probably use this same blog for both nights, since tonight is only an hour.

So, I rewatched the last week’s shows over the weekend and something struck me – it wasn’t just Laurie (and Terra) that got no real critique and was possibly over scored. V.Ice made an obvious, huge, glaring error and not only was it not called out, but he got the exact same score from Bruno as freakin’ Marilu (with the gorgeous foxtrot)!! Len gave him a *7* with the huge glaring error – the same score he gave to James, Calvin and Babyface…and point higher than he gave Maureen. Just thought I would point out that the monkey business is more widespread than Laurie.

Also, my *feel* from watching the show is that there are a few couples getting short shrift when it comes to camera time and BTS packages. We saw LOTS from some couples, and relatively little from others. Note that I didn’t have a stopwatch out, but it seemed like we didn’t see much from Jana, Marilu, Maureen, Amber or Babyface. I didn’t think we saw overly much from Laurie. But I think we saw a lot from some of the others. One of these days I might actually get a stopwatch. Eh…probably not. 🙂

So, we start the show with Tom’s audio being totally f@#ked.  The studio mics are screwed up cuz the video is working fine.

Love Babyface, but Allison isn’t giving him a ton of content…at least compared to previous Jives this season so far. Oh great, they aren’t scoring until both dances are done. Ripe for manipulation.

Come one Jana, move those feet. So far, she’s got more content than Baby face and she’s also executing it pretty well, but still below the jive standard of Marilu and Laurie.

I would go with Jana on that one. We’ll see.

Babyface – 25

Jana – 26 – so Jana and Gleb get the immunity.

Giving Len the tiebreak is BS – but as usual, they do what they need to do to get the preferred result.

So, Rick and V.Ice are bros….I think V.Ice is bros with everyone, he’s so awesome. 🙂

Emma is seriously a genius. Remedial Paso, but she manages to make it look like an actual Paso.  And he’s actually doing steps, unlike what Allison gave Babyface.

Come on V.Ice – Just for the pace of the dance, V. Ice is ahead and he’s got more content. He’s in character, love the outfit.

Wow…this is a tough call I think.  I think Rick had better shapes but V. Ice the better performance and more content.

Rick – 23

V.Ice – 23, so it goes to Len. Len goes with “Vanilla” which surprises me, based on the technical aspect. I guess.

Side note…watching All Access at the same time as I watch the show and blog and the skybox camera has Marilu and Derek rehearsing…and she looks amazing. Let’s hope she can bring that to the floor.

Then Val and Laurie are up there and they also look good, although I don’t find the choreo I’m seeing as very compelling.

The  Men who Race for a Living – good work, there, TPTB. 🙂

LOL on Ryan with his sense of humor.

James starts off a bit stiff and off time, but he gets it together really quickly and relaxes. He ends up doing a really good cha cha for a complete novice.

Yeah, don’t ever underestimate Cheryl. That started off great and while he didn’t seem to do much, it was an entertaining, pretty good dance. There was a bit of screwing around in the middle that might hurt them with Len.

James – 29

Ryan – 25 – honestly, I think Ryan was a bit hosed on that one. I didn’t see any place where he was that much worse than James. It should have at least been closer, IMO.

Not seeing the humor in the dancing Donald and Hillary. Maybe I will later…

Sasha is wisely playing the game of this show, giving Terra an emotional dance.  They’re doing well, but she’s so small that it’s tough.

Lindsay gave more in-hold dancing and I think he acquitted himself very well. I lean towards Calvin.

Terra – 30

Calvin – 32 – congrats to Calvin on all those lovely 8s.

Now, Maureen versus Amber. Come on Maureen you can do it!  Heh. This is one of those times when Maks’ self centered ness works well with his sense of humor. 🙂

Amber is dancing small and missed a few steps but he made this dance full out and rather fast. But, her feet seem wrong. Doesn’t look like a Salsa either, really.

Tom: Real Housewives of Hazard. LOL.

Maureen is too timid – if not for that she would take this dance. Her technique is better, it looks like a Salsa and she doesn’t miss as many steps as Amber…and then it fell apart a bit at the end.

Amber – 25

Maureen – 28. I’m doing pretty well on calling this crap. 🙂

Now for the big contest. Curious on this one.

I do love Laurie. She’s so cute. Takes two to…make things go right. LOL.  She could be a bit sharper, but she’s doing really well. I feel like the choreo is a bit uninspired. But she’s doing it very well.  Can you do a lift in standard tango??

Looked like Marilu lost her balance right at the beginning, but she did a damn good tango. Pretty dang close competition to me.

Laurie – 31

Marilu – 28 – yeah, don’t think Laurie was that much better than Marilu. I call BS.


Okay, it’s almost that time and Tom says it’s “close”.  Hmmmm….

Heh. Tom mentions that Babyface and Jana are tied in cumulative points. See, told you they use the when it’s convenient.

Format this evening is much the same as last week, except they are adding comments after they replay the dances.  This time it was Len saying how great Jana was….er, okay.

LOL….those are little tiny mirrorball. Hah.

Well, this is gonna get old kinda fast.

Thomas, leave Kym alone. 😀

Wow, Len really doesn’t care for Vanilla’s ball cap. Get over it Len.

Len says V.Ice won because it was more full on, passionate Paso. Then why did he give it to him like he was under duress??

So, that was a really good dance from James – better than I remember and he got 7s too. CAI gave the same score to Amber, James, Marilu, Maureen and Laurie. Laurie’s was due to the lift so that would have been an 8. But explain to me how Marilu and James get the same score as Amber and Maureen.

OMG…Ryan’s grandma. So Cute.

Anyone else seeing a difference this week? A big one? We’re hearing a ton of judges commentary. Make me think that they saw what the producers did last week and decided to use it this week.

What this week also did was create a real potential problem for the producers. You have several couples (V. Ice and Jana) who are lower scored than Marilu and Terra, but who have immunity from elimination. If either of them goes home, the shit should hit the fan. I have to think that they did it this way knowing that neither of them was in danger. I hope.

Maks, you ain’t 25 anymore, dude.

Ohhh….Julianne, throwin’ some well deserved shade. 😉

Yeah, Len, why did you suddenly get all soft on the rules, dude. Julianne calls out Maks, Tom calls out Len…perhaps someone reads the site and thinks we’re right.

Hmm….I can understand Maureen beating Amber. But I don’t get where Maureen has the same score as Marilu.

I think perhaps Laurie was emotional cuz he made it sound like there was something wrong with being “cute Laurie”. Ass.

Have they been talking to all the couples after they dance?? Huh.

Oh Derek. goof ball.

Still don’t see 7s on that Tango.  You can give immunity to Laurie, but those 7s were a crime when compared to the others who got 7s. This is a problem this show has season after season and they can’t seem to correct it. It’s often why better dancers go home.

Okay…tacky with Jenna down there in front. Another Mandy Moore bump and grind. I know Mandy is capable, why can’t she do better by these women? Just tacky.

And that’s three weeks in a row I believe that Marilu doesn’t speak on camera during the show. This is looking pretty suspicious.

Marilu and Derek are safe, while Amber is still in jeopardy.

And Marilu/Derek get the bad edit.  Okay someone actually go back and look at the last two weeks and tell me if Marilu has actually spoken a word during the show. That’s my feel and I would feel much better if someone would tell me I’m wrong. Because I’m getting a bad feeling.

Okay, just remembered that Marilu and Derek talked to Erin after their dance last week. But they’re getting nothing extra, that’s for sure.  Is anyone else getting this treatment?? Babyface??

More Maks and Val pimpin’, I see. I wonder if they actually rehearsed this time.

I’m digging this musical number – reminds me of old school “new wave”.

Hmmm….got it wrong this week. Babyface is safe and Rick is in jeopardy.  Still have a hard time believing that Rick is going home. Perhaps it’s Amber?

Or perhaps they threw out the other couples scores. If Rick goes home, I’ll revisit the numbers – as I recall the margins were pretty big if you threw out the immune couples scores.

I swear, they are reading this blog. 🙂 Cuz there’s Derek and Marilu and Derek putting the lie to the editing. 🙂 And there’s Babyface.

I feel like I’m being watched. 🙂

Just when you thought Makes and Val couldn’t do a worse job than last time.  At least the dancing is good this time.  But note: The C Bros can’t do comedy. Not even a little.

I think I figured out the problem…they want to be funny, but they aren’t funny people. They are too….self important to be truly funny. To be funny, you have to be truly humble as well.

Oh Sasha, you are winning me over again.

Now, next couple safe is Ryan and Cheryl.  Terra is in jeopardy.

Gee, Cirque night isn’t tailor made for Laurie or anything. :::rolls eyes:::  And the producers are really making me sick of Val – he’s talking at least twice in all of these dang VTs. Shut. Up.

By the way, Designated Survivor was a really good show. As was MacGyver, shockingly.

Okay, here we go.

Safe – Terra and Sasha!

Rick and Emma are eliminated. I’m surprised by that, actually. I thought he had more juice.  I was off by one – I said Babyface, then Rick or Amber.

Court said Ryan was at the bottom.

Vogue said Amber and Maks.

So we were all wrong this week. We’ll get ’em next time. 🙂