Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 4 – LIVE BLOG!!

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Well, I suspect that tonight will either be mind blowing and fantastic…or an utter clusteryouknowwhat. I’ll be surprised if there is middle ground. And after hearing Derek have to defend Julianne in two interviews when he should have been talking about his performance and being included with the elite of Hollywood, Imma be pissed if Julianne actually apologizes when she did nothing wrong. But I got 5 bucks she does.

So what happened to Tom’s Audio?? He was announcing them and then he stopped.

All Access note: Derek and Marilu make their first appearance and it’s week 4. Some couples are on every week.

Crap, double elimination tomorrow nite!!!

Damn, Calvin is impressing me every single week. That was good dancing, great choreography.

Dang, Julianne, you better not throw out a 7.

CAI making it sound like it’s her idea to not call out lifts. LOL. Whateves babe.

You’ve got to be kidding me….they were totally robbed.

Oh Maureen…this is not a good edit. Buck up, girl. You’re tired. Get more sleep.

Bird dude is creepy.

Maureen’s doing a good job…she could be sharper. Too soft, but improvement from her. And she looks gorgeous.

Kindness from Bruno, but I bet she gets 7’s. Kindness from CAI as well. Hmmmm…8s. Calvin gets a 7 from Jules, yet Maureen gets 3 8s. I wonder if she’s in danger and they’re arranging a shock.

Point your toes, Jana. Pretty good dance, but a tad boring. But then I’ve never been big on the V. Waltz.

And she gets a point lower than Maureen as well. Huh. Something’s rotten in Denmark. I found Jana boring, but her dancing is at another level from Maureen.

I kinda figured that memory would be an issue…but dang, that was a good dance. I would like her to be a bit sharper in places, but she pretty much killed it. I can’t imagine having all that choreography in your head.

Derek’s eyes are freaking me out. Julianne is right…but she was better than last week so she better not get a 7. She was also better than Maureen who got an 8.

Oh boy. They are going to screw her over on scores. Yep…screwed over. I have a hard time seeing that as a worse dance than the three that went before her.

Heh…All Access update: Derek has three women working him over in the Red Room. I think fixing or removing his make up.

Amber created a misunderstanding you mean…Jaysus. Hypersensitive. “Hopefully she didn’t mean it that way”? Um, you go to the media first and THEN you say this? And this package is tailor made to force an apology from Julianne and high scores from all three judges.

Or maybe not…because there were all kinds of missteps in there. And all Maks did was use the table, no real choreo (that was a JOKE based on the C-bros fans comments over Amy’s dance – and ain’t it a shame that I have to spell that out).

Oh. My. God. Julianne is in the press as clearing it up. Jays. STFU. Don’t do it Julianne. Don’t do it.

YES!! No apology. πŸ™‚ Oh jeez. Now she’s drooling over a dance that wasn’t all that. Gonna be over scored.

Yep. Way overstored.

Pretty good dance from Ryan, I guess. Love the outfits. Let me guess…he gets 8s too. That’s not at all suspicious.


Okay, missed half of Babyface because I went for booze. Looks okay, but he doesn’t seem like he’s moving. More like Allison dancing around him.

And he was in trouble before, he’s in worse shape now.

Terra is just a badass, I think. I think she’s been overscored in the past but she certainly is compelling. I can’t stop watching her. She did a great.

Of course Laurie’s doing a great job…but were isn’t much to this dance, is there? I mean, it looks and feels like a cha cha. He can do ANYTHING, no holds barred and that’s it?? It was just…okay. Of course she danced it great, but I’m underwhelmed. Tell me what was technically difficult or impressive, please. I’m at a loss, I guess. That’s like Shawn Johnson with Derek week 1 when she was making little impact.

Why does Val always have to talk more than his partner? Shut up already. No shock at all on the scores…but don’t agree with them. I wager both Maureen and Marilu (to name only two) had more difficult choreography.

I really enjoy V.Ice quite a bit, and I have to hand it to Witney – he’s not a natural dancer but she’s hasn’t checked out. That tells me that she enjoys him too. Was it a great V. Waltz? Well, no, but it was better than a few others tonight and it was compelling to watch.

Come on James!! Knock it out of the park.

And he does. Best dance of the night, by a good bit. And a quickstep too. Much more difficult than Laurie, more character, more difficult choreography. Great in hold, creative, well staged. Well done.

I didn’t see a damn mistake. But it doesn’t matter. He’s not going anywhere and I think that he might win this show.

Hehe…All Access Note: Very clearly set up a Derek/Marilu “stealth cam” in the red room. They told Derek they were going to do it, went and got Marilu and they have the cameras “hidden” behind the make up tables. Total set up. But it looks like he’s telling her the judges mean nothing. πŸ™‚

NIGHT TWO…here we go!!Β 

Heh…shocking choreo right here at the beginning with the bump and grind….oh, wait, that’s not surprising or shocking at all.

Okay, Calvin and Lindsay up against Marilu and Derek.

Marilu SAFE!!

Uh oh. Β Calvin…oh thank jesus, he’s safe too.

OMG!!!!!!!!! Okay, sobbing not. Sasha just proposed to Emma, for those in different time zones. She said yes. It was amazing.

Okay, it’s official. Derek was right in his tweets and he’s sitting out. Although….this has more choreo than anything they give the women generally. Perhaps he was talking about something else? Hmmm….the mystery continues. Β Was the choreo changed?

Jaysus, DWTS just doesn’t know when to stop milking shit for drama.

Next three up, Maureen, Amber and Babyface.

Amber is safe.

Oh boy….first person eliminated tonight is: Babyface and Allison.

That means Maureen is safe.

Aaannndddd…just hand Derek another emmy statue right now. πŸ™‚ The video is already out. And there’s a lot of water involved….

Calming down…

Next couple safe is: Laurie and Val (so shocking).

Terra and Sasha – Safe – don’t put him in jeopardy when he gets engaged.

James and Sharna – in jeopardy.

Don’t freak out James fans – I just can’t believe that the guy who should win the show would be eliminated. Plus, I don’t want to have to do a postmortem DBTN. πŸ˜‰

V.Ice…you are ultra cool. Love him.

Bad sign that I was wracking my brain to figure out who hadn’t been up on stage yet.

LOL to V.Ice and Maureen and their little rap routine.

Next couple safe is: Ryan and Cheryl

V.Ice and Witney – Jeopardy

Jana and Gleb – Jeopardy

After the commercial break…. James and Sharna are safe.

DAMN IT!! Not my V.Ice!! Poop.

Okay, allow me to editorialize for a minute for the James and Sharna fans. You have to get to work. While jeopardy might mean nothing, it could also mean that they were stimulating his votes. Don’t rest on your laurels. When I studied it several seasons ago, there was only ONE person to win the show after being in jeopardy and that was Jennifer Grey. Granted, I did the study a while ago and it could have happened again…but create more accounts. You are my hope for wresting this competition away from the producers plan. πŸ™‚