Maks Chmerkovskiy Writes On DWTS Week 4 And The Male Pro Number, Previews Next Dance With Amber Rose

Maks Chmerkovskiy has written a new blog at Entertainment Weekly. He writes of this past week’s dance with Amber. He also writes on the Male Pro number (loveddd!!!) and next week’s dance with Amber. More below and at the link.

On last night’s all-male pro group dance:

I have to give all credit to Mandy Moore and Will Loftus. Mandy’s an old friend, and her job on the show is to choreograph one dance a week. She’s a great choreographer and so brilliant, but I feel like she just doesn’t get enough credit. As dancers, we’re big advocates for putting people in the light that deserve it, so I wanted to make sure she gets credit!

Basically the concept was, “Let’s get five dudes to dance something sexy.” But without stripping or taking our shirts off. So we got the five of us, who are pretty like-minded. Artem is already Mr. Velvet himself. I was doing my best to stay kind of moody and sultry! (laughs) I think it turned out pretty great. You know we don’t want to waste air time on a sh—ty dance number, so there’s a lot of pressure to make these group dances good. But we get to entertain on our own terms, we have this platform and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to do stuff like this every week, on a live show. There’s nothing like it!

On sneak peaks for next week’s dance:

We’re doing the Samba, so that will be a big test because it’s very active. The theme is “The Celeb’s Most Memorable Year,” which is always a heart wrenching one. I might be dropping some tears. The performance is meant to celebrate an event in their lives, so I hope it’ll be as entertaining as this week was.

I feel like Amber and I are finally entering the competition – we were sort of like that couple in the back of the class. Up until now, we’ve been, like, “I’m not sure what I’m doing… Am I in the wrong class?” (laughs) And finally we’re like, “Ah, now we got this!”