PureDWTS Season 23 Week 4 – Media And Interviews

My, where do I start? 😯 What a treat it was to come home to watch two of the BEST Dancing With The Stars shows ever!! The choreography, the production, and the content was just outstanding. Sharna Burgess mentioned this week that getting ready for the show and everything the cast is doing is “harder than ever” this season. Well, the hard work is paying off as Dancing With The Stars “is better than ever” too in my opinion. The show this season is getting a huge A+ from me, but, more on that in a new Questionnaire coming tomorrow. So, be watching for it. 😉 For now, here are some interviews and media from Dancing With The Stars Week 4. Special Notes: Next week is “Most Memorable Year” Week. The show also returns to it’s one night format on Monday night (no show Tuesday).

Access Hollywood:

You can watch another Access Hollywood with them interview here.


Entertainment Weekly:

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You can read a sweet interview with Terra Jole at US Weekly. Here’s a take on Sasha. He was so cute with her this week in their package.

As for DWTS, Jolé has impressed the judges, thanks to the teachings of her pro partner, Farber. She explains, “I really couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Sasha. He and I will do a dance together and then he’ll want to record it to see what it looks like. And if it doesn’t look right, then he modifies it to make it look right. He’s been really fluid and easily handles every challenge that my body might give him. The other day he wanted me to do this ‘worm,’ and it looked horrible! It should have been called the ‘flea’ — it was just, like, me falling off his body, and it looked horrible! I’m just grateful to have someone as talented and awesome as he is.”

The star admits, “It’s definitely way harder than I ever expected it to be. I was obsessed with the show before I was a part of it! You think looking at the show, ‘Ugh, why doesn’t that person just point her toe more?’ or ‘Why doesn’t she put more emotion into it?’ But then when you’re in it yourself, you realize just how difficult it is.”

And this week, learning a samba inspired by the Cirque du Soleil show O will be a brand new challenge. “The samba is crazy,” the mom of two says. “I am not Brazilian — I may have a large derriere, but I am learning to move it in different ways, and my body. I thought the jive was fast, and I feel like the jive has nothing on the samba. I can’t wait to show you what our dance is. It’s superhot — literally!”

I’m loving this article on Jane Kramer at the Daily Mail too for how she’s been able to balance everything and do Dancing With The Stars. What a beautiful dance from her and Gleb this week. I loved the choreography.

Jana, who received immunity last week, also reflected on the episode’s overall chaotic experience.

‘Monday’s show was so rushed because we had to squeeze everything into an hour because of the presidential debate,’ the beauty noted.

‘We were having a good time but everyone was running around frantic and it all went by so fast.’

This week, Jana and partner Gleb Savchenko, 32, will dance the foxtrot to The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil.

She gave her followers a hint of what to expect on Instagram, as she stood up straight in the hands of her partner.

Some DWTS All Access coverage from Stormy…

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ETA: Fox interviewed the eliminated couples at this link. Here’s a take. Read the link for more from Sasha and Emma.

Viennese waltz (with praise from the judges), he, too, got his walking papers on Tuesday.

After the show, Ice told FOX411 it was all good because he got to dance to his trademark hit on week one: “This has been an amazing adventure. This is not the end of it. This is the beginning. We did ‘Ice Ice Baby’ to a cha cha, that’s the greatest thing ever.”

Besides, Ice said, he didn’t have enough time to devote to “DWTS”: “We’re relieved, big time. I’m on a world tour right now with a hundred and five shows booked until December 17. I need some sleep. We have been tortured out here….and that torture has also made it one of the greatest experiences ever because we went through the grind…and we’ve been on these airplanes, practicing in places we shouldn’t even be in.”

Devoted partner Witney Carson smiled, “I learned that tour life is not as glamorous as everybody thinks.”

Music titan Edmonds had a rough time on Cirque du Soleil night on Monday, seeming to be stumbling around and not all there.

It was “like watching Poltergeist,” Judge Bruno Tonioli quipped.

Backstage after the elimination, Edmonds, with his partner Allison Holker by his side, told reporters, “It was very unfortunate. I don’t know who that dude was that was [dancing]…..It’s sad because I know we won’t be able to do other things I knew Allison was going to teach me and whip me into being even a better dancer.

“Things that I did learn are still unbelievable. I still have friends and family still calling saying, ‘I cannot believe you did that.’ So I feel good. I know that I made my mom proud. Being part of it puts you in a special crew of [“DWTS”] people,” the music producer said.

ETA2: More interviews from last night…