Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 5 – LIVE BLOG!!

Site rules in are effect – don’t hit refresh every 2 minutes, make sure you’re not posting one-liners, etc. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

So…it’s week 5. ย Who they gonna get real with, real quick?? I’m predicting Maureen and Amber…and they’ll continue to hose Marilu. We’ll see. I can’t believe they WANT to get rid of their one shot at a Choreography Emmy…but perhaps they consider last week a job well done. “You can go now.”

THAT is why I watch DWTS, people. The full orchestra, the beautiful ballroom dance. I’m misty. I’m sad that this is a throwback to the “old” DWTS.

Ah, Maureen. You go girl.

Oh boy….a foxtrot that looks like a waltz. The music is not helpful. Pretty dance, but the passes were a bit stiff it seemed like. I predict she’ll be over scored. I really like her, but I’m not sure why they rave quite as much as they do.

Okay, I can live with 8s. That seems about right. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind depending on how the rest of the evening is scored.

I wonder if the lip sync police will come out on this one. Stupid, CAI.

Jerry Rice!! ย I want Dance Center now. Anyway, that was a good dance, but to be fair, I don’t like it when a Jazz (?) goes up against traditional ballroom this week either.

I say that…but I think they’re still hosing him a bit on scores.

Is Jana dressed just like she has been since the season started or is that my imagination?

That baby is just gorgeous. So sweet.

Oo..awkward lift. Okay…confession. I’m kinda over the contemporary. They all look kinda the same at this point when done by someone other than Allison or Derek. ย Gorgeous baby though. Pretty dance but…eh.

Pitbull next week as performer and guest judge. ๐Ÿ˜€

Decent score for Jana. I would say too high, but…

This pro dance is pretty good…a step in the right direction anyway. Lindsay’s hair is confusing me tremendously. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan’s mom wanted him to swim so he would stay out of trouble? The jokes just write themselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s a cute guy, that Ryan.

Oh another over wrought contemporary….I spoke to soon. Cool backward move from Cheryl and she’s going a different route than usual. ย This is why Cheryl is ten times the choreographer than Val or Maks – she choreographs something very simple looking yet still compelling. She choreographs for her partner.

Hmmm….8s are good. I found his dance more interesting than Jana’s. I can live with that.

You GO, Laurie. Tell him. ย Val, you could NOT be a jerk to a 16 year old. ย She’s not an adult yet, dude.

All right, this is pretty cool…but I think they’re lucky Len isn’t there. That’s some messing’ about. Something a bit weird with the Paso part…like she’s over turning or something. She’s not front enough. I feel I’m not making sense. Good dance, though. Not perfect…which has never stopped the judges before…

CAI is channeling me. This frightens me. That said…while I think it was inappropriate for the paso, it was the most creative thing Val has done in ages. And yes, she did fall out of the turn. I think that’s what I was seeing.

Oh Val shut up and quit making Most Memorable Year all about you. Jesus. This is Laurie’s journey.

Marilu up next…let’s have that breakthrough, please. Ahhh….this is exactly what I was thinking Marilu’s problem is. She’s a huge Derek fangirl and she doesn’t want to disappoint him.

Wow…that felt VERY different than anything she’s done before. That was beautiful…and the first package I cried through. Just gorgeous. I think their talk helped and I think perhaps Derek has her figured out.

CAI is so right…she seemed like a different person. Goooood score. I’m happy with that one.

Okay what did I miss? Why was Amber upset. I didn’t see anything Maks did that was out of line.

She’s having problems with this dance, she’s not committing to it and she’s dancing too soft/small. Very curious.

There was a lot of content? Really? Okay. I do agree she’s only giving 80 percent, but I thought it was the entire time including when she was alone. ย  I also dig the costume. Makes me hungry for candy tho. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hmmmm….compared to the rest of the 8’s tonight, I’m not sure. Harder dance than what Jana and Ryan had, but I dunno.

My reaction mirrors Sharna’s regarding James’ injury. ย God.

James is so freakin’ good…but the whole elevated part of that dance I didn’t see as a tango. If I could give advice to pros, I would tell them to stop using the stairs. It breaks the dance up too much. Beautifully danced, no matter.

(He could win this season…) And the language from the Pros tell me that he just might be winning..

Hehehehe….we have us a competition. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Terra’s package had me crying like Marilu’s did – I feel them on the loss of a parent.

As for the dance…I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m going to have to watch it again. The staging with the gate was incredibly heavy handed. Plus, she’s so small that she can’t really finish the lines. ย I’m just not sure I cared for the choreography. But as long as she liked it, why not.

I think I would have given a mix of 8s and 9s, but I won’t begrudge Terra all 9s.

So, are we having an elimination? I think the show only has a minute left.

Nope. You can’t fool us, Tom. ๐Ÿ™‚