Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 6 – LIVE BLOG!!

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:::sigh::: Tired of the pimpage. Real tired. I guess we’re not putting Laurie in the first half of the show until it no longer matters. Like week 8, perhaps.

I see Pitbull is still afraid to have a male dancer anywhere in hi vicinity unless it’s like a flash mob. He’s gotta have Witney and Sharna on his arm doing the very complicated choreography of hair flipping and looking sexy. :::yawn:::

Derek, at least, was hilarious in the opening. Actually, the whole opening was unintentionally hilarious.

Dang, Pitbull can’t even sit next to a guy…what’s he afraid of? Boy cooties?

Results before the dancing? HATE.

Ryan and Cheryl are safe and dancing first. No kidding.

Is that a really bad contouring job on Ryan or my imagination?  Or on purpose? Disappointed in Cheryl’s choreo this week, while I appreciate day glow.

Julianne’s hair is…big. I think it looks good actually.  But…he nailed it? Ummm…kind. Okay that overall score was pretty kind.

James and Sharna are safe.

Terra and Sasha are safe.

Amber and Maks are in jeopardy.

Marilu and Derek are Safe.

Damn, if only I had a prayer of looking as good as Marilu when I get to be her age. Dang.

Loved Terra’s package. Dance is a bit too soft, but the choreo is pretty inventive. I love it. Oh, she was hunching over a bit there. Pretty good dance. I expect raves cuz they always go too far.

Okay, I’m agreeing with Julianne and Bruno and the audience really needs to STFU already.

This scoring seems…dictated. Really, Julianne had all that commentary and then throws out an 8? Not that I disagree with it, but it seems…weird.

No, the only thing in Amber’s way is NOT just Amber. Just sayin’.

They gonna dance at some point? That might be a new record for Maks screwing’ around.

What dancing she did seemed pretty good though – didn’t see any obvious mistakes, but it was kinda…low key.

I agree with Julianne’s comments. Not sure that dance was worse than Ryan’s though.

And James silly package is why he could absolutely win this season.

Okay, not usually a fan of rumba, but that looked like a pretty damn good one.

Those are fair scores, I think. But they are making room at at the top of the leaderboard for Laurie…who is the biggest ringer dancing the simplest dance tonight. How long do we have to wait for her to be challenged?

Okay, so Marilu kept the right attitude, but I’m not sure she got all that choreo in there. I thought her legs looked a bit weird. But her legs are great, no doubt. As usual with Derek’s partners I have to watch the dance later to get a real feel for it. I tend to actually judge his partners harder than your usual fan.

Okay, I dig that score. Ooooo…hottie guy from the show after this one in the audience.

Next Couple safe….Laurie and Val.

Calvin and Lindsey – Jeopardy (damn it)

Maureen and Artem – Safe (damn it)

See what over and underscoring gets you?? If Calvin goes home, Imma cut a beyotch.

Jana and Gleb – Jeopardy.

LOL – Gleb is not a good actor. He was totally fed that “sexiest dance ever” line and just didn’t pull it off. And sorry Jana fans, but she’s totally disingenuous.

That was, I thought, a very good Argentine Tango.  The problem I had with it was that it was trying too hard. The bed portion was just ridiculous. The shower part was cool though.  I think this is one of those instances when inside info ruins a dance for me. Not that I was complaining.

I don’t know it’s worth the four 10s it’s probably going to get. Yeah, over scored by four points. Makes me wonder if she’s not getting the votes.

What is it with these eastern European guys and their inability to teach their partners the right way. Derek used to act like that…when he was 21. Seems like these guys get into it every week.

I do love Maureen’s attitude.  She did look petrified at the beginning of that dance though.

Oh boy, missed quite a few steps there at the beginning. Why do they give the total novice dancer the Samba and give the ringer the Salsa? Why?

That’s about the right score for Maureen. No one commented on the steps did they?

Okay, this AT blew Jana’s right out of the water in terms of technicality, difficulty….just amazing. Incredible. And all without the cheapness – no bed, no shower.  Should be another perfect score, but I doubt they’ll get it.

And Emma just said on All Access that this dance was every bit as good as Jana’s…and yet you already heard Julianne nitpick.  Calvin’s going to get ripped off yet again.

And Emma also just said that Calvin’s score was too low. Damn right girl. Hosed, he was.

This one time that Laurie suffers from going last. She goes right after one of the best ATs ever. And while she dances amazing – I’m left feeling kinda blah. The choreo wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. Of course she danced it well and did the lift well (gymnast). I’m not sure if she’s memorable…which might be why she’s going last.

I’m going to have to agree with Julianne and CAI – that was not a perfect dance.

Jana is safe – which sucks. Calvin….please.

The person going home tonight is….Amber and Maks.  Thank you baby Jesus. Not that I dislike Amber…I just didn’t want it to be Calvin.

Heh. Derek clearly thinks the red room cameras have been turned off. He’s so wrong. 😉