Derek Hough Talks Team Dances, Charleston and Much More!

Derek typically writes very interesting and informative blogs and this week is NO exception. He talks about Marilu’s chalsa which he says she handled beautifully despite it being chock full of steps, he also talks about this week’s team dance, Hairspray and an unnamed project he has going with Julianne – which I suspect is Move LIVE on Tour 3. An excerpt if below, but go to TV Guide to read the whole thing.

Oh yeah, there’s a team dance too! We’re on Team Future with Laurie and Val, Terra and Sasha, and Jana and Gleb. We’re going to do a full rehearsal tomorrow or Saturday. We have a really weird song, but we figured out a narrative. There are still things to create and figure out. It’s things that you think in your mind might be brilliant but when you try it, you’re like, “Uh, maybe we should try something else.” I would say right now, there’s some stuff in our heads and we have to make them a reality when we get together.

The concept is kind of a common futuristic story. The routine starts in a world where we’re all kind of the same, but as it progresses into our solo sections, it breaks free and showcases everyone’s personalities. It’s more of a rigid, grid-line, oppressed beginning and by the end, it’s a more expressive, individualistic oasis. I’m having flashbacks of my futuristic paso with Joanna Krupa! That was the first time “future” was introduced into the show, which is kind of hilarious when you think about it. Everyone had a past or current decade and we had the future!