PureDWTS Season 23, Week 7 – ET Talks With Lindsay Arnold About Calvin’s Jive, Sharna’s Injury

Lindsay did her weekly interview with ET, and talked about she & Calvin’s jive and the team dance.  She also touched on Sharna’s injury (turns out those gorgeous team dance dresses were pretty treacherous!) and also their dance for week 8.  More below…

ET: Calvin’s footwork was perfect last night, but even if he did mess up, his smile and personality would have made up for it. He looked like he was having so much fun up there!

Lindsay Arnold: So true! His performance level was out of this world last night. You know what, it’s funny though, because I don’t think it was his favorite during rehearsals. But then last night he was like, “Wow, that was the first time I really danced it and had fun with it.” Jive is not easy at all — you have to be dancing 150 percent!

The ’50s was such a fun era. Were you and Calvin stoked when you got that decade? How do you plan to top that routine next week?

We were really excited, because Calvin loves that kind of music. I feel like that [era] is his inner personality. It was a great style for him, and enabled him to really bring out his inner Calvin. Next week we have the quick step, which is similar to jive in the way that it’s very high energy, but we’re back in frame, which we haven’t been in for a couple of weeks. It will be cool, I think, to show his improvement on that as well.

During rehearsals for the team dance, Sharna Burgess suffered a knee injury. What exactly happened? Is she doing OK?

In our dress rehearsal, it was the first time we had done the dance in our ball gowns, which were beautiful, but a bit too long. All of us were slipping on them. Calvin tripped on mine at one point and kind of ripped my skirt during rehearsal. James [Hinchcliffe] and Sharna actually took a fall. James tripped on her dress and it caused them both to fall down, and she tweaked her knee a little.

It’s a little bit scary, especially before the live show, because if something happens to us [pros], we still have got to try and make it happen. I’m hoping today that she’s feeling a bit better. She’s been taking great care of it, icing it, but it’s scary because our bodies are our work — we have to take care of them — but we also don’t want to let our partners or our team down.

Last night after the show, she said it was still bothering her but that she’s going to be OK after some rest. I’ll definitely be checking up on her!