PureDWTS Season 23 Week 7 – Media, Scores, And Interviews

What outstanding dances last night! So much so, I can’t wait to watch them over again. So, let’s review the scores. I think Marilu was hugely underscored. She should be up there with Jana and Terra in my opinion.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay Arnold (’50s Jive): 9-9-9-9 from the judges for a total of 36.
James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess (’40s Jitterbug): 9-9-9-9 for a total of 36.
Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy (’60s Quickstep): 8-8-9-9 from the judges for a total of 34.
Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko (’70s Samba): 8-8-9-9 from the judges for a total of 34.
Terra Jole and Sasha Farber (’30s Foxtrot): 9-8-9-8 for a total of 34.
Marilu Henner and Derek Hough (’20s Charleston): 7-7-8-7 from the judges for a total of 29.
Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke (’90s Rumba): 7-7-7-7 from the judges for a total of 28.
Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvintsev (’80s Tango): 7-7-7-7 from the judges for a total of 28.

Team Past: (James, Maureen, Calvin, Ryan): 10-9-9-10 from the judges for a total 38.
Team Future: (Laurie, Marilu, Jana, Terra): 8-9-9-9 from the judges for a total of 35.

And below is some media and interviews before and after the show….

From Fox News:

Meanwhile, Hinchcliffe, dancing jitterbug, and Johnson, performing jive, tied for first in the individual portion with both receiving 36.

Hinchcliffe’s jitterbug was a stunner as he did a 1940s military-themed dance to the famous Glenn Miller tune, “In the Mood” that had judge Bruno Tonioli praising it like an old movie scene.

But as viewers saw, his partner, Sharna Burgess, fell and suffered a knee injury on Monday before the show and she told FOX411 backstage, “I have to go for an MRI tomorrow, but as of right now I’ve sprained my MCL, so it’s overstretched. It just keeps snapping against the bone. I have to just manage the pain. James is an amazing partner getting me through that….”

Burgess, who has been on the show eight seasons, admitted, “When I fell, it was pure panic. I’ve had an ACL reconstruction on that very same knee and so I was scared to death, oh, my God, I’ve busted my knee and I’m out of this competition…within the hour, working with our [physical therapists], I realized there’s no tear, there’s no swelling…we’re going to power through.”

From Glamour:

As for Sharna’s injury, it happened in the team dance dress rehearsal, and for the first time ever in the history of DWTS, apparently there wasn’t any footage immediately available. “The dress I was wearing for the group dance was about three inches longer than it is now, and I slipped on it when we were dancing,” explained Sharna. “My foot went sideways from my knee, and I sprained the inside ligament—the MCL. I’ve actually had an ACL reconstruction on that knee, so the fear for me with my knees is huge. I never want to go through that again. But once I knew there was no tear and it was a sprain—which is [usually treated with] pain management—[I felt more at peace].” Still, Sharna’s injury does create complications moving forward. “It won’t be business as usual. I’ll be there in rehearsals and doing just as much, but I might get Jenna [Johnson] to come in and help out. Once it’s choreographed and done, she can run it with James, and I know she’ll take care of him.”

Given the severity of Sharna’s injury, it’s remarkable she was even able to dance with James at all last night, much less with that same competitive nature. “James couldn’t go as full out as he wanted to because he was considering me and trying to properly lead me around the floor. He should get all 10’s just for being an amazing partner.”

Be sure to read both Fox and Glamour links for more.

You can watch some Entertainment Tonight interviews here and here (Val addresses rumors he’s dating Amber Rose at this link). Be watching People as they may post some interviews later. For now, they’ve talked to Gleb about Len’s comments to him.

E online interviewed Maureen. She is so thankful for the experience and had so much fun with all the “beautiful” people on the show. What’s more, she’ll never be so fearful to dance in public again….

Here is Megatron with WXYT with a rehearsal interview. Thanks to @Idolxfactor1 for recording.

All Access Coverage:

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