PureDWTS Season 23, Week 8 – Who’s Dancing What…And When?

Ye old Halloween week returns 😛 But they’re switching it up a bit this time, replacing the team dances with the face-offs, per James in this clip from my local news.  If it follows the pattern of season 21 (the last time they did it), we can pretty much guess how it’s gonna shake it out – and it should be very, very interesting to see just who earns that coveted instant immunity from next week’s elim. My gut instinct is that they’re gonna give it to Jana, to ensure she makes it to the semifinals – because I’m not sure that’s she actually getting the votes to get there herself, and their scoring/critiques of her the past few weeks seem to indicate they want her in the finale.

ETA: Lindsay revealed she & Calvin’s song in an interview, and said they’d be dressed as skeletons.

ETA2: The rest of the songs and dances have been filled in via Disney ABC. – Vogue

ETA3: And George Pennachio comes through with the dance order for round one – shown below. Gee, now that the running order doesn’t matter as much, Laurie makes her second appearance early in the show…but James is still in the pimp spot with Jana not far behind. My, the fortunes have changed for a few couples this season. I suspect the writing on the wall isn’t what it once was…~Heidi

Terra and Sasha – Cha Cha – “Day – O” by Harry Belafonte
Dancing 1st

Laurie and Val – – Viennese Waltz – “Pure Imagination” by Jane Monheit
Dancing 2nd

Marilu and Derek – Argentine tango – “Sweet Dreams” by Emily Browning
Dancing 3rd

Calvin and Lindsay – Quickstep – “Dr. Bones” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Dancing 4th

Ryan and Cheryl – Argentine tango – “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys
Dancing 5th

Jana and Gleb – Jazz – “Little Shop of Horrors” by Alan Menken
Dancing 6th

James and Sharna – Viennese Waltz – “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace ft. G-Easy from Suicide Squad
Dancing 7th

Face-Off Challenge:

*Highest score from individual dance round earns immunity from week 8’s elimination (and 5 additional points added to their score) and does not have to dance-off.

*Of the remaining 6 couples, the couple with the highest score from the individual round will pick an opponent to face-off against – that opponent will pick the dance style (either cha cha, salsa, or jive).

*Winner of each face-off will get 3 points added to their score; loser will receive no points.