Derek Hough’s DWTS Blog: “I Was Pretty Disappointed in Our Package This Week”

This is where I say “I told you so” to all the negative Nancys, the whiners and the concern trolls out there regarding Derek and Marilu’s packages and relationship. Will you actually believe Derek Hough when he tells you something, or are we going to continue to just believe everything we see on TV, eh?  From TV Guide – click the link to read the whole thing:

In all of my years on Dancing with the Stars, I’ve never been involved in a scandal or anything overly dramatic. I can now say that’s no longer the case — ladies and gentlemen, we have “push-gate”! In all seriousness, I was pretty disappointed with our package. Marilu and I actually sat down last week and had a heart-to-heart about what actually happened during our team dance, how we both felt about it and how we felt about each other. Unfortunately, none of that was used in our package this week so I feel like the audience was short-changed a little bit and instead was fed footage that looked tense and uncomfortable.

For instance, Marilu’s foot injury was glossed over the past two weeks. When she asked for more rehearsal time in Monday’s package and I said we didn’t need it, it came off like I was dismissing her and didn’t care, which is far from it. That quote was taken out of context; I was reassuring her that we had already put in a lot of hours, so she shouldn’t worry. Plus, with her injured feet, I didn’t want to push her and hurt her even more. But since her injury was virtually ignored on the show, most people wouldn’t have known about it. I’m definitely not saying her injury should be an “excuse” — just that context is important.

Needless to say, #TeamHenergy is moving forward and on a positive path, despite those few minutes that you saw on television. Last week there was a lot of uplifting energy and we connected on a really beautiful level. We had a lot of long, deep and wonderful conversations. We kept saying we’re the underdogs and we’re coming back and we’re gonna get her feet and ribs better. In earlier weeks, there was much more struggle in certain ways, but the past two weeks have been extremely cohesive and very positive. I feel like we’ve really bonded.