Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 9 – LIVE BLOG!!

As always…

Site rules in are effect – don’t hit refresh every 2 minutes, make sure you’re not posting one-liners, etc. Thank you. 🙂 And Rosa, if you do your usual posting of multiple comments one right after the other, I’m going to delete you. Don’t do it.

Opening number was a bit of a non-event. :::shrug:::

I love Idina Menzel…but I loved her BEFORE Frozen. And I still love her in spite of it. 🙂

Redemption edit for Marilu – she’s going home. Of course, I wonder how much of this happened LAST week.

That was a pretty damn good Samba from Marilu! I saw one step that might have been a mistake, but it was tiny…and she was having fun

Now we’ll hear a bunch of BS about how she’s finally working with Derek blah blah blah…Wait, Idina! I love you!

And once again, Marilu doesn’t go to Erin and gets her scores right there. I call bullshit. The 9s were fair – don’t really know if that means she’s going home or not, since neither Ryan nor Maureen got good scores when they left.

Great dance from Calvin – very beautiful. And that song makes me weepy every time I hear it. Calvin is definitely a contender. Watch your backs James and Laurie.

Almost forgot my LOL to the Cat Calvin sans dance belt. LOL. Why are we getting the somber tone from Julianne like she doesn’t want to give him props??

Huh…long game is to get rid of Calvin.

Male singer on this bumper just murdered this song and not in a good way. WTF?

Never been a fan of the Wiz. Kinda bummed that James go it.

Think Jenna just screwed up. Is James the Joker or the Wizard? Did James just miss a step as well?

Those mistakes would get Marilu 8s. This should be interesting. I even heard Emma yell on All Access.

I thought I saw more than one issue (and one of them was Jenna’s), but maybe it was just me. snort.

Who’s the woman rubbing all over Derek back stage? Anyone?

Charleston doesn’t have the same impact with Terra, but Sasha is doing surprisingly well making it work for her. Fun dance! Oh god, CAI will call out lip syncing again.

Everybody getting the good scores tonight. Interesting. Hmmm…I don’t know what to think now. Terra and Marilu were the bottom queens.

Pardon the expression. 😉

Oh boo freakin’ hoo. Why are we crying, Jana? For Gleb or yourself?

Sorry, distracted by Derek kindly calling out the producers on All Access…a lot. Nicely. In a Derek way.

Is this dance kinda boring? I can’t focus on it.

Totally over scored. And if you all don’t ease up on hitting refresh and do better at commenting, I might open a vein.

Very good dance by Laurie – but then that’s no surprise is it? Seemed like she was too far away from Val at times and a tiny bit off balance.

Heh…Marilu gets 9s and is still at the bottom of the leader board. Maybe she ain’t going home? Who the hell knows?

Didn’t the men do then Paso moves last time there was a male duet? One that looks really similar to this one? Or were they joking in the package?

I was worried about the capes at first but they got it together. Great dance! I enjoyed it.

Ugh, getting glimpses of Laurie and Jana’s duet and I’m not looking forward to it. It looks like a standard contemporary.

LOL Marilu – naughty girl. 😉

Okay, that was the old style vaudeville show stopper! I loved it except for the part with Marilu’s legs and Terra’s body. But it was fun and funny and lot of crazy stuff in it. It was…happy. I can use happy on this election eve. When the world could end.

Give Terra and Marilu 9’s and they still end up way on the bottom…but with James. I guess Laurie and Jana need that save, eh?

Contemporary is so not special any more. That was chock full of cliche moves that Val got off the internet. Hands over mouths, the whole nine yards. I feel like I’ve seen the same contemporary dance about 20 times now.

It comes down to Jana and Marilu and they really got my hopes up. It’s okay if Marilu goes, she had a good run even with the bullshit packages. I’m much more pissed that they guaranteed Jana a spot in the finale AND made sure her fans voted hard by putting her in jeopardy. Hope Rob Wade is happy now – and I hope he’s seen the backside of Derek Hough. Derek certainly doesn’t need the work. Unlike some.