Lindsay Arnold Discusses DWTS Week 9 And What A Win Would Mean To Her

Lindsay Arnold answers new questions at Entertainment Tonight on Dancing With The Stars Week 9. She answers questions on how her and Calvin Johnson put their dances together, the last two weeks ahead, and lots more. Don’t miss reading the link for another great blog from her.

Aside from your costumes, your dance with Calvin was very impressive! As an athlete, the waltz is one of the most difficult styles to master, but Megatron looked like a natural.

That is exactly right. And not only that, but the waltz we were given was so hard, even for me as a choreographer. Obviously “Memory” is an iconic song, but to choreograph to it was seriously so tough. When I first got it I was like, “OK, this is amazing,” but the tempo changes like five or six times and that’s difficult. Also, a lot of the timing wasn’t waltz timing, so we had to kind of create our own waltz within the song.

Another factor was that Leona Lewis sang live, and the first time we heard her version was the day of the show. So we rehearsed to someone else singing it the entire week. Singers have different inflections in their voice, they take different pauses, different breaths, so a lot of the dance was choreographed to the lyrics. It meant that Calvin and I really had to trust each other and our bodies to be as in sync as possible. He completely did that. When I watched it back, I was shocked by how in sync we were, it truly looked so beautiful on camera.

Only a few more weeks of the competition left. What would a win mean for you?

It would be huge. Two seasons ago I got third place with Alek Skarlatos, last season I got fourth place with Wanya Morris, so I feel like I’ve gotten so close. I’ve tasted the win, but haven’t quite gotten it.

Getting the mirror ball trophy with Calvin would be such an honor. He didn’t come into the competition being an obvious frontrunner — we really had to work hard to get him up there. He’s proved each week that he wants to be here and he hasn’t had it easy.

He never complains, never whines, he is always so willing and ready to be there. I am so grateful to have a partner like Calvin.