Dancing with the Stars Season 23, Week 10 – LIVE BLOG!!

As always…

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Oh look, they all have cute little titles tonight. The knockout (Jana), The Breakout (James)…underdog (Terra)…charmer (Calvin).

And somewhere, Jenna is weeping.

Okay, I”m going to say something controversial…Sharna’s emotions during the dance often seem “acted” to me. Like a put on.  Other than that, it was an amazing dance – I especially loved the end where he does a handstand.  I guess I’m sorta impressed by the blindfold thing…but she’s a professional dancer who’s been dancing since she was a child. Not sure if it’s that huge of a deal. I mean, I get it – he’s leading, but….

In spite of everything I just said, CAI is an ass. Seriously, that was a perfect dance for this season.

Wow. They screwed up the audio on Terra’s package at the beginning. :::puts on tinfoil hat:::

Uh oh. Lucky Len isn’t here. This is a contempo-rumba with a lift in the middle. I like the concept though.

Ah shit. Terra’s probably going home.

Why are Jana’s packages always so whiny – especially compared to someone like Terra’s.

Beautiful costume on Jana. Dance was sloppy in places and what the hell was with Gleb? Twice I saw him sliding all over the place.

And Jana’s being steered toward third place tonight, assuming that Terra’s getting the boot based on her score.   Although…I don’t disagree with Jana’s score, just Terra’s, so who knows.

Loved the concept of Calvin’s dance – especially the beginning – some rather large mis-steps there at the end, unfortunately.

Fighting for a spot in the finals??  She means finale night, I guess, because the final four have already been determined.

I call BS on that 8 – what a beyotch. What Calvin did was no worse than what went on in Jana’s dance.

Ah, poor Laurie – that’s tough at that age. Made me cry. I think Val let her watch the package because there were a few issues in the middle of that dance.

And the cynical side of me notes that she just increased her odds of winning.  James fans better vote like crazy.

Awful lot of screwing around at the beginning of James’ dance – once we got past all the crap, that was a really good Jive. But seriously, get rid of the Trios, Duets and all that other crap, dial back the production – DANCE.

Okay, Terra’s package was just what I needed. Love her. So funny.

Dance was GREAT!! Fantastic dance. I’m a believer now – she’s every bit the dancer that Jana is and I hope she doesn’t go home tonight. Good choreo, good execution. Well done.

Sorry, missed most of Jana’s dance.  Zoned out. Costume is amazing though.

Is she assuming that she got through tonight? Hope she’s wrong. Much more interested in seeing Terra next week.

Lindsay and Witney. Oh Dear. Blondes.

Okay, that was a great dance! A couple awkward passes right at the beginning but I enjoyed the hell out of that!! Loved it. If he gets underscored I’mma be pissed.

Ummmm…my response to Laurie’s package is….big flippin’ deal. Two Chmerkovskiy’s?? Twice the likelihood that Laurie cries at some point in the rehearsal…and it won’t get shown. Cuz we have the shiny happy people edit.

I was wrong….double the screwing around in the beginning of the dance.

And lots of screwing around in the middle of the dance.  Val and Maks should really NOT try to do comedy because they’re not funny when they’re trying. They’re just not.

Bruno says “theatrical” – code for lacking in content, IMO.

All this raving….there was no sync, too much crap…just no. Can she samba? Yes. Was there enough dancing? Not really.

Seriously overscored. Should have gotten all 9’s for all the crap in the dance.

Going to the finals – Laurie and Val

Also going to the finals – James and Sharna

Finals – Jana and Gleb (booooooo)

Jeopardy – Calvin and Terra

Eliminated: Terra and Sasha

How did we do? I said either Jana or Terra, but my first guess was Jana.

Courtney had Terra at the bottom.

Vogue said Terra as well.

As I said before, their long game for a while now has been making sure Calvin doesn’t make the top 3 and that Jana does. They overscored Jana into the finale, but I’m not sure they will be as successful getting her to night two. That crap usually doesn’t work in the end. Calvin should certainly be there over her, IMO. He’s just as good technically and is far more entertaining. And Lindsay is choreographing circles around Gleb, who is under-serving his partner.