Dancing with the Stars Season 23, THE FINALS – LIVE BLOG!!

As always…

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What kind of fresh hell will I have to endure this evening??

The obligatory kinda silly opening. Non-actors reading lines. 🙂

Calvin and Lindsay up first….agree with Lindsay, CAI totally screwed them over. That was utterly ridiculous.

They’ve done some version of “watching video” nearly every season in the final or semi-final. Think this is the first time that they’ve looked at their OWN video.

Beautiful V. Waltz. Only complaint I had didn’t really have to do with them but the stupid “no lift” rule that makes it incredibly awkward to do some moves because Lindsay is trying so hard to keep her feet on the ground. And CAI is just enough the bitch to call it in the finale too.

Agree with Len on all but the footwork. OH FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! Her foot did not come off. My god save me from CAI and her moronic behavior. Ridiculous.


Another Jana package that consists of wahhh whaaaa wahhh….

Dance was going pretty well until she missed a couple steps in the middle and then there was that LIFT. It was just messy towards the end. And the middle.

Agree with Julianne wholeheartedly. At least CAI saw her lift too…but if she get’s a nine from CAI she’s an idiot. OH HELL YES LEN!!! Where have you been for 23 seasons?

Calvin really got hosed – same score as Jana and his dance was MUCH better. She was so messy and got called out for it by Julianne, yet gets the same score with more raves.  So, is he moving on to tomorrow and they want to keep him down?

The attempt to turn Val into Derek continues. Too bad he sounds so insincere. And can’t really choreograph very well.

Good dancing from Laurie although there’s something going on with how she bends – I guess it’s gymnast body. It also felt more like a Tango than a Paso. Bit of a sync issue at the end.  Great back kick in there – but no surprise. Gymnast.

Lot’s of gushing…odd that CAI can see those feet come off the ground but completely miss the sync issue. Peeked on twitter and saw Courtney saw it too.

Wow…this is interesting scoring.

Why do we have a musical performance BEFORE the last dance of the round?? And will this affect voting – we know large chunks of the audience might not have the best attention span.

LOL Sharna. Love Helio…that was fun.

Okay, that was an EXCELLENT foxtrot!! So smooth, beautiful….very well done.

I didn’t see the stumble at all…interesting that the producers had it all cued up to replay it. I think he should still get at least one 10 – Laurie did and she had issues as well.

Erin, shut up. Okay, same score as Laurie?  I’ve lost track. Crap, Laurie got TWO 10’s??  Right. :::sigh::: The judges are ranking. Laurie #1, James #2 – gotta get voting. Quite sure that Sharna can kill Val in a freestyle, but it probably won’t matter.

I can’t decide if this stealth cam is set up or true stealth. I saw them set it up for Derek and Marilu, but this looked stealth. I still wonder though.

So far, this looks like all of Jana’s dances.  the teacher is an interesting idea, but  I’m not sure it really adds anything. Oh, they’re having some trouble with it…it’s getting in the way.

Okay, at the end I have to say that wasn’t a very good freestyle. It started out okay, but got very messy with the tether and it just was…weird.

Oh Jules, you’re being kind. That scarf didn’t work. Props to Gleb for trying it, but it really didn’t work. Maybe if they had another week of rehearsal.

Ah poor Gleb. Now he’s making me cry. Nine’s are nothing to be ashamed of. Hey, Val – that was real emotion. Take notes.

Lindsay scares me. 🙂  Calvin is so awesome. I love him. 🙂

NOW THAT WAS A FREESTYLE!!! That was fantastic, brilliant and amazing – and it actually had stuff I haven’t seen before with the treadmills. Just amazing. Perfect. If it doesn’t get a perfect score, the fix is in.

THAT was really good. Lindsay takes the lead as best female choreographer in on DWTS. By a long shot. Sharna and Val have a shit ton of work to do.  Wow. Mind. Blown.

Damn straight that’s a perfect score. That’s what I want to see in a freestyle.

The La La Land dance was pretty cool. Why is Mandy so uneven in her choreography? I know all choreographers have bad dances but she seems more uneven than most.

Geez, Val. You want to talk to America? Try bringing some authenticity to your choreography and your packages. People WILL buy what you’re selling if it’s authentic. But I don’t get that from you.

Okay…fun, happy, happy freestyle. But nothing earth shattering or terribly exciting. Don’t get me wrong – it didn’t suck. And it’s not a freestyle that would cost her the win, but…

I’ll be disappointed if this gets a perfect score. It would normally be a 40 dance, I think….but it’s so far below Calvin’s in my opinion. His was more difficult and more innovative. There was just nothing new or exciting. But part of the problem is the allowing of props, extra dancers, etc during the regular season.

Oh shut UP, Val! Dang, you ruin it every time!

Hmmmm….not sure how I feel about that freestyle.  I think it was very different. The voice over worked, I think. It was very well danced. It was NOT cliche.  I think the music was perfectly chosen.

Julianne says “one of best freestyles ever” – don’t think I agree with that. It was very good.  I dunno, I think I have to sit on this one for a bit. It’s something I’m going to have to mull over. I hope the audience doesn’t have to mull it over. I think, judging by the scoring and the comments, that James has a real shot to win this. Not sure that dance was enough. I think it beats Laurie on emotion though.

So, I’m wrong AGAIN!! But happy to be wrong. 😉 Only working at 70% this season.  In case you didn’t guess, Jana and Gleb are eliminated – and they knew it too.

Very interesting, having James last to be called safe. I suspect they’re trying to suppress Calvin’s vote. Much the way Marilu was always called safe fairly early, they’re trying to lull Calvin’s fans into complacency. Not sure if Calvin being there really hurts James or not…I guess we find out tomorrow.

In closing….yes, I will do a new post tomorrow night and yes, I’m working on the numbers as we speak…It’s a toss up folks. If not for the running order and the filler, Calvin would have a real shot with his great freestyle. As he should. But because of the nitpicking all season, the scoring and the filler, I think it comes down to Laurie and James – and it’s not a sure thing either way. VOTE!!