Jana Kramer Writes Of Her Final Dances On Dancing With The Stars

Jana Kramer has written her last blog for Dancing With The Stars at People. She’s feeling a little weird as she goes into the Finals tonight and feels everyone is a winner. She also gives us hints for what’s to come. It sounds like Gleb is dancing even though he is still not feeling the best. More below and at the link.

It’s weird to realize that no one is really going home anymore. It’s just the end. This sounds so cheesy, but I feel like making it to the finals, we’ve all won. The only thing that separates us is one person will get the Mirrorball Trophy.

That said, we want that trophy and we’ve been working hard for it. Between rehearsals and interviews and everything, it’s been a crazy week and Gleb is feeling the pressure. I’ve never seen him this stressed before. He’s having to choreograph two very difficult routines and a lot is on his shoulders.

On top of all that, he’s really sick with the flu. He’s literally falling apart right now and had to reschedule rehearsals this weekend so he could rest a little more. He’s struggling.

Usually I’ll get wrapped up in the anxiety and stress of the people around me, but because I’ve worked with Gleb for so many weeks I have been staying really grounded and trying to relieve some of his stress. I don’t want this last week to be stressful. I want to enjoy it and really make the most of our last week dancing together. And to be honest, we trade off. Last week, I was so nervous and he calmed me down. Now it’s my turn to support him.

Our freestyle dance is going to be the most different because the other routines are going to be big productions with props and everything but ours won’t be like that. At first, I was a little bummed that we weren’t having all those bells and whistles but Gleb and I started this experience together and we’re going to end it together – just the two of us.

My redemption dance is the tango, and I’m really happy the judges chose that one for me. I was in extreme pain when we performed our first tango week 2, and I am so happy that they picked the dance because I love the tango and I always felt I could do it better than I did. The routine is a lot harder than the tango we did in week 2, and I feel really good about it. It feels great to see how much I’ve grown.

I’m also singing “Circles” on the finale Tuesday. “Circles” really is about piecing together a lot of broken parts and DWTS has been a large part of my ability to piece myself together, so I feel like everything is coming, well, full circle.