Dancing with the Stars Season 23, THE FINALE (Night Two) – LIVE BLOG!!

As always…

Site rules in are effect – don’t hit refresh every 2 minutes, make sure you’re not posting one-liners, etc. Thank you. 🙂

I often like the Finale – but I often find it to be jammed with pointless filler while we wait an absurdly long time to find out who wins. Which way will it feel tonight? I bet wine would help….

So far, I’m seeing a lot of stuff that looks rehashed either from earlier this season, or last thanksgiving’s season. Cuz Mandy.

No Derek in the pro dance, not a surprise, I guess. He should have known the choreo from earlier this season. 🙂

James redoing my favorite dance of his…or one of them anyway. 🙂

After the obligatory VT of early season happenings, we have Andy Grammar singing while Allison and Keo do a dance that starts out kinda strange.

Next up, Calvin and Lindsay – great dance from them, as per usual.   Marilu on All Access, in All Access Update.

I love Maureen with all the men, including Babyface and Ryan!! That was fun, the lucky woman.

A pro dance that starts out as a bump and grind – shocking right?? I do like the colorful leotards though.

Of course Laurie and Val pick the dance that’s all about Maks and Val as their favorite. I question if they really picked it…

Very nice that they went to the Children’s hospital.

All Access Update – watching the Grove cam and that floor they’re on is very slippery.

OMG….this song makes me freakin’ SOB every damn time. And this beautiful dance to go with it. Jenna’s dress was hot. Glad she didn’t the whole song and make my eyes hurt. 🙂

Love me some Babyface as well – so Smoooooth.

Rick Perry has gone insane in a wonderful, wonderful way. 🙂

Okay Calvin and James just MADE what I though was going to be a boring guy strip number. And Ryan was there too? Cool. that was fun.

Terra being hilarious on the Grove Cam on All Access. Marilu trying not to bust her ass on the slippery floor.

And we are getting NO Derek tonight. :::sigh::: At least I get him twice on Thanksgiving. I don’t mean that to sound dirty. 😉 Seriously, they need to move inside – that floor is dangerous.

Maks trying real hard not to be a hypocrite on All Access about Laurie being an Olympian. He’s failing, of course.

Sorry, I’m finding All Access more interesting than the actual show.  Which I see we are exploiting Laurie’s grief again. Goodie.

Okay this has cool potential with Fikshun in it. Don’t get the Jenna love though. Oooo…the ladies in pink look lovely. Sugar plum fairies?

Gee, look at Maks dancing with the cool little girl that no one on this show has ever danced with before. :::snark:::

Wow, the DWTS Tour finally made it to Radio City? Wow, wonder if they sell it out. And what’s this about a “Major Cast Announcement?”

Yeah, the order they just announced them in doesn’t bode well for James. I’ve seen it too many times.

Beautiful fusion from James – lovely. Seemed like he had both elements in there.

Julianne’s dress looks beautiful, what I can see of it.

Fun dance from Calvin and Lindsay – but man, CAI is just an idiot. Shut up already!

Judges are not going to change the results, since Laurie can’t get higher than 10s. She’ll get a 40. Why watch?

Well, if the judges gush over that too much they’ll look ridiculous. Okay who am I kidding. The one lift was messy as hell, but they’ll completely ignore it.

And that’s it – Laurie’s gonna win. CAI is acting the moron and we know what that means.

But Len didn’t do his “You should win” to Laurie, so maybe there’s hope.

Geez, Jana sings just like she dances – kinda flat yet over wrought.

I’m thinking that the exploitation certainly helped her.

Now…for third place: Calvin and Lindsay

AND THE WINNER IS….Laurie and Val. Congrats to Laurie – she’s a cutie.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I can’t take Val. Always the attention hog. Laurie’s moment, dude. Just…STFU.