Sharna Burgess’ Favorite Thing About Being In The Dancing With The Stars Live Tour And Lots More

Before Sharna Burgess hits the road for for the Dancing With the Stars Live tour (go here for tickets), she shared 25 interesting facts about herself at Us Weekly. Below are just a few of them including her favorite thing about being in the new tour. I’m so with her on #13.

4. I’m actually very shy, unless I’m on the dance floor… true story, I swear!

5. My ritual before the show is to take a shot of tequila with my partner to just relax the nerves.

6. I could eat breakfast food for every meal of the day!

8. I moved to London (from Australia) on my own at 18 to chase my dance dreams.

9. I never wear matching socks… like ever

10. When I was 3 years old I went to pet the dog next door and walked the wrong way home and got lost for hours. The police were called… it was a whole ordeal.

12. My favorite thing on about being on the DWTS tour is hanging with girls in the dressing room! No boys allowed!

13. I love animals more than most people.

14. I sing in the shower… loudly!

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