Emma Slater Interviewed On The New Dancing With the Stars Live Tour, Her Engagement, And More

WNYpapers.com interviewed Emma Slater about new Dancing With The Stars Live Tour which begins tomorrow night. Below she talks of how thankful she is for the opportunity to dance and tour…and how cool it is to actually see their audience.

If you think about where this sport of dance was when you started, to have people come out to see you perform this dance – they’re not coming out to see you play a guitar or sing a song; they’re coming out to see you because you’re doing this dance that was not this popular 10 or 20 years ago – how do you wrap your brain around that – to see how far it’s come?

Emma Slater: That, to me, it will never cease to amaze me. It’s always going to be overwhelming when we step on stage, in particular. The TV show is different, because you can’t see your audience physically. You can feel them, if they’re physically there in the ballroom, and you can feel them online, but that’s where it’s always amazing to me. Because we actually get to see people fill auditoriums. And it’s just mind-blowing to see how such a little thing to be, my passion for dancing, has turned into a journey where I can be on stage and there can be lots of people coming to see the show, to see you dance – like you said.

I think that’s amazing. It will never be anything other than overwhelming, and I’m always going to be so grateful for that.

I never expected my life to turn out that way – that I would be given that opportunity. And we love going on tour, because we get to actually see our audience, and it’s great.

She’s so cool. More at WNYpapers.com including talk on her engagement and lots more. Great interview.