New Sharna Burgess DWTS Live Tour Interview, Will She’ll Be Back Next Season?

Broadway World talked with Sharna Burgess about the new Dancing With The Stars tour. They ask her about the best part of taking the show on the road and the dances included in it. They also ask her on Danving With The Stars and if she’ll be back next season. Read below. Is this a confirm? Also, don’t miss a bunch a beautiful new photos of the tour by photographer David Wiza at this link. They are stunning!

3. What’s the best part of taking this show on the road — and what’s the most challenging part for you?

SB: The best part is being able to meet some of our incredible fans face to face, hear how much they love the show and how much it means to them. We have the most amazing and dedicated fans and seeing the smiles on their faces while we perform live is just so fulfilling! The most challenging part is being away from my life for 3 months. I have 2 dogs, my home, other projects that need my attention and being on the road makes it hard to be there for those things.

4. How will you spend the “off season” … and will you be back for the next season of the TV series?

SB: Well, my entire off-season will be rehearsing for the tour or actually being on tour. But I’m hoping to find a couple days of downtime before next season starts.

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