Sharna Burgess Talks James Hinchcliffe and DWTS in New Interview

This is a fun interview!  I loved her partnership with James – I wish they would have won. That would have been a nice way to end that season – Laurie’s a sweet girl, but that ending was quite predictable. Do love her answers to the questions I quote below – I agree on both.  I think Julianne was a bit OTT – understandable, as it’s TV.  Anyway – from 24 Hours Toronto, here’s a excerpt. Click the link to read the whole thing.

Was he a natural on the dance floor? (He was called the best amateur male dancer ever on the show by judge Julianne Hough.) I wouldn’t agree that he was a natural talent. He was just an incredibly hard worker. At the start of every week, I would joke about how awkward it was. On Friday or Saturday, the light at the end tunnel shone and it clicked for him. But what made James great was his work ethic. The fact that he would watch videos with me; [make] notes with me; go home; practise on his own; and then come back the next day even stronger than he was in rehearsals – that was James’ asset.

Do you and the other female dancers on DWTS feel like you get your due given how some of the male dancers – Derek, Mark, Val and Maks – have become big stars outside of the show? Yeah, absolutely I do. It’s tough with the boys. Predominantly, our audience is women. And the boys, they all are very pretty. They’re all very talented. And I get it: We’ve got some incredible strong male dancers on the show. But I do think the ladies, we hold our own. We’re a group of very talented, strong women that like to get out there and do the very, very best that we can. I think we’re much more nurturing than the boys – but I think that’s a female quality.