A Health And Wedding Update On Dancing With The Stars Erin Andrews

In an update from Extra, Erin Andrews says she’s doing great after her cancer scare last Fall. Erin also gave an update on her wedding to Jarret Stoll. Here is more….

Ready to help plan the bachelorette festivities, Charissa revealed Erin isn’t going to do the whole “veil thing” at the wedding. Erin agreed, “I don’t do that.” She went on to dish, “You know my man is the bridezilla! He is Pinteresting. I’m in Dallas Cowboy meetings, and he’s sending me, ‘Hey babe, I saw this on Pinterest,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey babe, will you let me get through Super Bowl?’” She added that they are not having a black tie wedding. “Jarrett isn’t even wearing a tie!”

The 38-year-old recently revealed she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September, and all traces of the disease were successfully removed in two surgeries. During that time, she never missed a beat during football season.

Andrews updated reporters on how she was feeling. “I’m doing well, I’m doing great. This week is crazy for us, we are also hosting the game!” She said she feels wonderful after beating the disease. “I went for a workout today.”

She’s so cute and thank goodness she’s ok. To read the full update, see Extra.