Julianne Hough Working Out Details To Do Dancing With The Stars, Wedding Planning, And More

Today, Julianne Hough and her fiancé Brooks Laich answered questions from fans on a live stream on Instagram. Brad and Hailey Devine stopped into the chat. Brooks mom also made a surprise appearance. Here are some things said….

-Brooks said that before he and Julianne started dating, one of his teammates in Washington DC used to BLAST one of her songs in the locker room..

-Julianne and Brooks said they have their honeymoon figured out and they want to do something “beachy”, but, also want to do some type of service project. They also have chosen most of the songs for the wedding. They also have their dance song narrowed to about 5. They also have picked out their colors, the and photographer, and the videographer. So, quite a bit wedding planning has been done, and they are working on more.

-Julianne also mentioned doing Dancing With The Stars and working on the details for it and how she’d have to fly on Mondays during her and Derek’s Move Beyond Tour.

Too awesome. Special thanks to Lori and Jennie for all the info.