Would Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton Do Dancing With The Stars?

AOL.com has a fun interview with Olympic Glod Medalist Mary Lou Retton. They ask her on Nature’s Bounty for the #DearFutureMe campaign that she’s heading up. They also ask if she’d ever do Dancing With The Stars. More below….

Speaking of Laurie [Hernandez], would you ever consider competing on “Dancing with the Stars”?

I’d love to! Are you kidding me? Represent the old group! I’m a big fan of the show. I’ve actually been asked, [but] with my schedule, I just couldn’t do it. If the timing is right, I would love to do it. Especially if there’s a gymnast on, of course we all support our family of gymnasts.

Do you have a pro that you would want to dance with?

I’m assuming they’re going to put me with one of the smaller ones, one of the shorter ones. I’m not picky!

Hmmm, maybe they will ask her to do Dancing With The Stars again? You never know. More at AOL.com.