PureDWTS Season 24 Cast Rumor – Mr. T & Simone Biles Again???

Given that ET has a pretty good track record, I’d say this is pretty legit.  Apparently Mr. T is going to be dancing this season, and Simone’s name is in the mix again:

Get ready to see Mr. T’s dancing skills!

The beloved professional wrestler and Olympic darling Simone Biles will both compete on season 24 of Dancing With the Stars, ABC confirms to ET.

“Production has been trying to get Mr. T to do the show for years!” a source close to the show’s production tells ET.. “He will be a great contestant this season.”

Mr. T, whose real name is Laurence Tureaud, has been absent from our TV screens since 2014, when he appeared in the TV movie, WrestleMania XXX. The 64-year-old actor has also stayed silent on social media since late December, when he wished everyone a “Blessed New Year.”

I can’t recall if we’ve seen his name as a rumor in the past, but it makes sense – he’s probably going to be this season’s nostalgic favorite.  As for who he’s partnered with, part of me thinks Sharna is probably due for a throwaway partner – although I think Witney could actually have a fun time with him.

As for Simone – call me a cynic, but if she’s on this season, we can pretty much just hand the trophy to whomever she’s partnered with.  But part of me is still a tad skeptical, because I’m having a hard time believing they’d cast Olympic gymnasts from the same team in back-to-back seasons.  Then again, America loves gymnasts.  If she is on, I’m calling foul if she isn’t paired with Sasha.

Trying to get myself psyched up about these rumors, but so far this season is leaving me pretty apathetic…