Dancing With The Stars Sharna Burgess Talks On Bonner Bolton And More

Sharna Burgess talks on her new partner Bonner Bolton and the new season of Dancing With The Stars in this new Instagram Replay. Thanks to @Idolxfactpr1 for recording.

ETA: People interviewed Sharna and Bonner about the new season. This is cute. Read on….and more at the link.

“I’m excited about this one,” she added.

So who are these two worried up about going up against?

“There’s a lot of talent in this cast and there’s a lot of big personalities, too,” said Burgess. “So it’s really hard to tell.”

“I’m thinking Mr. T! He brings that punch,” said Bolton. “And Charo. You can’t beat her personality. That woman is full of energy.”

And last but not least, will Bolton be hitting the dance floor with his signature cowboy hat?

“I think they’ll probably play with me having it on and not having it on,” he said. “It does come off, believe it or not — it’s not glued on!”