Fox Interviews With The Cast Of Dancing With The Stars Season 24

FOX has posted several new interviews. Below is a quote from Kym Johnson on her new partner Mr. T. She’s so refresheing and sweet as always.

Oh my God, we’re having the best time already,” Johnson told Fox News of her partner Mr. T.

“I wasn’t expecting [to be back] either. I was as surprised as everybody else,” she added. “But [ABC] said, ‘Will you dance with Mr. T?’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Yes! I’ll be back in two seconds.”

“Wow, wow,” Mr. T said of Johnson’s words. “When you hear that, see I told you, I’m putty. See how she made me melt!”

Also, this will be the first time Simone Biles has ever danced with a guy.

“I think just generally dancing in heels and dancing with a partner because I’ve never experienced that before. [Sasha Farber] is the first guy I’ve danced with.”

But Biles says she’s in good hands with Farber.

“It’s going good,” she said of her “DWTS” partner. “I think our personalities go well with each other and he’s very patient so I like that.”

The 19-year-old can also lean on fellow gymnast Laurie Hernandez who won last season. She said being an athlete gives her a leg up in the competition.

“We know the long hours you have to put in to do the job that you want,” Biles said.

Nancy Kerrigan is hoping her past performances on the ice will help her on the dance floor…

“I think as an athlete we’re used to being coached,” Kerrigan told Fox News. “I think having performed to music, I have a little bit of an advantage. I’m hoping that helps.”

However, Kerrigan said with ice skating she has months to prepare unlike on “DWTS.”

“Usually I’m trained and I know what I’m doing, but instead you only have five days to know what you’re doing.”

Erika Jayne plans to push her costumes to every limit. lol She cracks me up…

And when it comes to her costumes on the competition show she plans to “push every limit ABC will let me do.”

Her “DWTS” partner, Gleb Savchenko, supports the “Housewives” fashion choices.

“I love that… I’m really looking forward to it,” he told us.

The 45-year-old is going to need a lot of help from Savchenko because she admits she’s worried about the routines on the show.

“I’m nervous for every [dance routine] because I’ve never done any of them so that’s all new to me.”

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