Normani Kordei Answers Questions On Her Music Career And Dancing With The Stars

Normani Kordei is featured in the new issue of Rolling Out. She answrs questions on her music career and Fifth Harmony. She also answers a few questions on on Dancing With The Stars.

How did joining the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” come about?

“Dancing With the Stars” is a show I always watched with my grandma, and it was one of my favorite shows, but more importantly one of her favorite shows. It was always captivating to see two people grow and have this journey with each other and maybe not win but come out stronger in the end.

This happened really quickly, there was a meeting and then a month later we had confirmation.

Are you mentally and physically ready for this challenge?
I definitely know that it is going to be tough; the mental and physical preparedness is going to come as we progress in the show, week by week. I am also going to be traveling so I have to be totally prepared all around.

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