David Ross With His “Lesson Of The Day” For Dancing With The Stars And More

Cub’s David Ross wasn’t sure up until a few days ago whether he’d do Dancing With The Stars, but, then he decided to do something outside the box again like he’s been doing all year. More below from Spokesman.com. Rehearsal photo below too on his first lesson of the day (he has the perfect partner, doesn’t he?!).

“I still wasn’t sure up until a few days ago that I really wanted to do it,” he told the Associated Press in a phone interview, “because it’s something that makes me extremely nervous and uncomfortable. But I’ve done some things outside my box this year and I’ve had such a phenomenal year.”

“The love that I’ve received from my teammates and the fans of Chicago is just, all that put into one, I convinced myself to give it a try,” Ross said.

NL Most Valuable Player Kris Bryant is rooting for “Grandpa Rossy” – that’s the nickname the younger Cubs playfully gave him last year.

“I don’t know if he’s worked out all offseason,” a grinning Bryant said. “He looks the same to me, though. Obviously, he was showing his age here towards the end of the year here. But hopefully there is enough Tylenol or whatever to get him going.”

Lesson of the day……When all else fails, just dance!

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