DWTS Artem Chigvintsev Thinks Nancy Kerrigan ‘Can Glide To Victory’ ( New Interview)

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev talked with the New York Post about Dancing With The Stars. Artem says she knows what it takes to be great, she’s dedicated, and is working hard. Here is more….

The two-time Olympic medalist, who is no stranger to aggressive competitors, insists she’s excited about hoofing alongside Charro, SNL alum Chris Kattan and Mr. T in her quest to bring home the country’s most coveted disco ball.

After two rehearsals with DWTS partner Artem Chigvintsev, Kerrigan, a mom of three living in the Boston area, told The Post, “I’m trying to listen and do what I’m told.”

But her supportive partner thinks she can glide to victory.

“She knows what it takes to be great. She’s a dedicated student and she works hard,” Chigvintsev told The Post. “Athletes know how to manage under pressure.”

Indeed, the 24-year-old front-runner miraculously still competed in the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games a mere seven weeks after being violently clubbed in the knee during a practice in Detroit, a hit masterminded by then-rival and ultimate frenemy Harding. Both women went on to compete in the 1994 Olympics, with Kerrigan snagging the silver.

As far as her DWTS competition, she shrugged, “I can’t control what anyone else does.”

For her part, she’s cutting out the coffee — “I think my skin looks better” — and is keeping her eye on the prize, saying, “I’ve wanted to [compete] in this since the beginning.”

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