What Are Your First Impressions For Dancing With The Stars Season 24 In These Categories?

How about an “First Impressions” post for Dancing With The Stars Season 24? Question: From your first impressions, who will be the “First Eliminated“, who will be the “Most Dramatic“, who will be the “Biggest Surprise” of the season, and who will be in the Top 3 at the end? Let us know in comments. The Angels weigh in below too.


First Eliminated: I think I’m going with Chris Kattan. I think he’s going to be funny, but, I think he might be struggling big time. I also wonder on David Ross and if he will be a very good dancer? So far though, I’m loving his positive attitude and I have no doubt Lindsay will have him ready for his first dance.

Most Dramatic: Heather Morris? I’m having a hard time with her attitude so far. I really don’t know what to expect, but, with Maks pushing her (and her pushing him as well) and them maybe not doing as good as they thought, there could be a lot of friction and drama between them. And then there is Nick and the latest rumors of him being a “nightmare” and having an attitude. If that’s the case, maybe it’s him that will be the most dramatic?

Biggest Surprise: While a lot of fans think Maks & Heather or Val & Normani might win this season. I think the potential is high for Sasha and Simone to surprise everyone in ways we can’t even imagine. They both like to JUMP. Sasha is a gymnast dancer at heart. If he can step up his choreography and they push their limits, watch out. I also think Rashad & Emma, Bonner & Sharna, and Gleb & Erika might surprise everyone for what they can do, but, they will have to work super hard and the choreography has to be at it’s finest.

Top 3: In this order: Sasha & Simone, Maks & Heather, Val & Normani. But, I wonder if Maks & Heather could be a surprise elimination at some point and in the end, it’s Sasha & Simone, Val & Normani, and Rashad & Emma. I would so love to see Gleb & Erika and Sharna & Bonner make it too.

What do you think Angels?


First eliminated: Erika. Why? Well, nothing to do with Erika personally but I think the other women have much larger fanbases. As for the men, they all have stronger qualities going for them, be it fanbase, personality or potential talent.  But of course it will all depend on score – if Chris is scored well below any of the women, he could go.

Most dramatic: Well, it all depends on the editing, doesn’t it? Whoever the producers want to be in the final three will NOT be the most dramatic. I think Chris might be dramatic in a good way (as in, being funny).  In a bad way? Hmmmm…hard to say. Someone unexpected, like Erika – someone unlikely to make the finale.

Biggest Surprise: I think Bonner will be a surprise – I think he’s going to be hot and I think Sharna is going to get him to dance. Same with Rashad and David. Of course, this could be my desire for a couple men to just kill the season and go all the way. So sick of the Chmerkovskiy show with the lackluster choreography and skating by on judges/producer pimping. Sorry to the fans of the women dancing with them…but I am SO OVER having the same season over and over and over again. There is NOTHING new that they can bring out of their bag of tricks.  Hopefully, Sasha will be a huge surprise and take a lesson from Derek and Mark when it comes to putting it all out there.

Top 3: Hmmm…see above for my wish for the season. Unfortunately, dancing matters little and it’s more about what they need to happen. I don’t see any downside for them allowing Simone to win. I think the C-Bros are going to cancel each other out and I think there are going to be enough good dancers that, unless they suddenly start blowing it out of the water on the choreo, they’re going to get shown up. I think only one of Normani/Heather will make it to the end. So that gives us Simone, Normani/Heather and…A man. 🙂 Either Rashad or Bonner. Heh. Ask me again after night one. 😀


First eliminated: I’m gonna go with Chris or Erica. The former because it seems like he hasn’t been up to much in recent years and seems like he may not have a ton of natural dance talent, the latter because, as some of my coworkers put it, “she’s hard to relate to” as a middle-aged, filthy rich pop star.  I also get the impression that she’s a bit closed-off and reluctant to be vulnerable – which was the one thing I think Lisa Vanderpump had that made her a bit more relatable when she did the show.

Most dramatic: I’m gonna go with Normani, because I get the feeling we’re going to be forced to listen to the “OMG we’re traveling and soooo busy and have no time to rehearse!” spiel over and over again. I’ll give runner-up to Nick, because from the little I’ve seen of this guy, he seems to have a split personality.

Biggest surprise: I actually think David may pleasantly surprise everyone – I like that he seems pretty good-natured and open to the DWTS experience as a whole, and I think he has a HUGE advantage in getting Lindsay as his pro.  She has been doing EVERYTHING right these past few seasons.  Ditto for Bonner & Rashad – both seem to be embracing the experience with open arms and seem to really admire their respective pros. On the OTHER hand, I think some could be unpleasantly surprised by Heather – I think she & Maks may struggle quite a bit with lackluster choreography, which could make her look a lot less skilled than she really is.

Top 3: Still think it’s Simone & Sasha’s to lose, barring any huge interference from TPTB (and I think they’d be self-immolating if they tried to give Simone the Nastia/Marilu treatment), with Normani & Val and Rashad & Emma filling out the other two spots, and Bonner & Sharna potentially playing spoiler to one of them.  I don’t see Heather making the finale, because it seems like viewers are already pretty wary of a professional dancer doing the show – and if Heather keeps up the “No way, I don’t have an unfair advantage!” act, I could see her being a not-so-shocking “shock” elim earlier on. Girl, take a page out of Erica’s book – she has a LOT less experience than you, and she was able to admit that she felt like it gave her an advantage.  Do I need to remind everyone how it panned out the last time a person with dance experience tried to play it off like they had none? #DanicaNotADancer