Charo’s Dream For Dancing With The Stars Season 24 – New Interview

Charo is excited to dance on Dancing With The Stars Season 24. She just hopes she makes it far. See why below. From the New York Post….

That’s all well and good, but she says it’s the jitterbug that’s giving her fits — if she even makes it far enough into the “DWTS” season (with dance partner Keo Motsepe) when that dance is traditionally featured. “It’s my nightmare,” she says. “How is this woman who dances Flamenco and plays the guitar, how is she going to do the jitterbug? I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I pray the audience will feel sorry for me. The jitterbug is gonna be the end of ‘Cuchi Cuchi,’ but I’m going to try.

“One of my dreams is that if we make it to dancing the Vienna Waltz, I want to wear a dress like Cinderella wore. It moves like water. If I make it I hope they allow me to wear the Cinderella dress.”

The self-deprecating entertainer also took some playful jabs at “DWTS” judge Bruno Tonioli, a native of Ferrara, Italy. “I have a problem with Bruno. His English sucks,” she says. “It’s worse than mine. When I talk English, compared to him I am Shakespeare. The guy talks fast and speaks with a heavy accent.

“When I am dancing the Flamenco, if Bruno says that I suck, the s–t is gonna hit the fan,” she says. “I will take all the crap, even if I suck at every dance — but do not touch my Flamenco dancing. When my mom was breastfeeding me, at the same time I was listening to Flamenco. That is me.”

She’s so fun! I hope her dream for Dancing With The Stars comes true. Lots more at the New York Post.