PureDWTS Exclusive Interview: Sasha Farber Talks Of Simone Biles, His Goals, And More For DWTS Season 24

Would you like to know what Simone Biles is like to work with on Dancing With The Stars? In a PureDWTS Exclusive interview, Dancing With The Stars Pro, Sasha Farber, tells us all about his new partner and why he’s looking forward to this season. Yeah…and uhhh..watch out for some pranking too. Here’s more with Sasha and we couldn’t thank him enough for taking a time out for us and a few questions from fans. With that said, don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE for #TeamGoldenGiggles!!!

Narice: Other than the freestyle, what dance are you most looking forward to dance with Simone this season? Is there a theme you love the most too?

Great question, Simone and myself have been having so much fun, that any dance with her will be my favorite. Im looking forward to Disney week, I always love that week, and it’s always so magical in the ballroom. ?

Chayse: Last season was your best finish on the show. As you start to advance to the later stages of the competition, are you picking up tricks and strategies to keep you and your partner physically and mentally healthy?

Yes it’s very important to stay healthy and to make sure your celebrity enjoys herself every week, this show is in its 24th season , so it’s important for me to always keep it fresh and exciting , so I’m always trying to do different tricks, tricks that haven’t been done on the show yet …

Lori: Have you started the pranks yet? And has Simone pranked you back?

No pranks yet but I promise there will be. 🙂 🙂

Princess Heidi: There have been other Olympic Gymnasts on DWTS over the years, and they seem to be able to do a lot of things. But this year, you’re up against some serious competition in Heather and Normani. So, do you have a strategy? Go big or go home?? And would you emulate Derek, Mark or Val in terms of choreographing for an Olympic Gymnast?? I’m hoping the former – put it all out there, Sasha!!

Yes the competition this season is so high everyone is AMAZING, this show is all about growing as a person and telling the people at home your story through dance week in, week out, so we haven’t really been thinking about other couples, I just want Simone to have the best experience and have memories of being on dwts for the rest of her life…And Derek Mark and Val are all great at what they do. I’ve never had a gymnast so I’ll be trying lots of cool new trick that I’m very excited about ????????

Vogue: In pics and videos, Simone seems like pure joy and her smile is infectious. Is this true and if you were to describe her in three words, what words would you use? Also, any costume or song hints for your first dance (you know me, I had to ask. lol)?

Yes Simone is an absolute pleasure to work with, her giggle is just amazing I could listen to it all day. We have a lot of fun at our rehearsals, I’ve definitely made a friend for life. To describe Simone in three words hmmmmm, Fun, Energetic , powerful!

I can’t give to much away with songs and dance, but I’m very excited to be partnered with Simone we are having a ball, and i can’t wait for America to see Simone dance.

Thanks guys I love you all tune in on September 20th for the premier of Dwts.