DWTS Season 24, Week ONE – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

It’s that time once again, folks…who got the easy dances and who got hosed…only hosed isn’t really hosed in week 1 if you’re a female celeb. Get the hard stuff out of the way early, eh?

You all probably saw Vogue’s post from a couple days ago with the press release about the songs and dances, but I do this post every week in hopes we’ll get the dance order too. Cross your fingers.

ETA: Claire (via DWTSGossip) has a screencap of what looks like the telepromptr which says Normani and Val are going first tonight. We’ll see, as these things can change during dress. But it makes sense since she’s a dancer and they like to open the show with a bang. 

Normani and Val – Quickstep  (Song: “Good Time Good Life” by Erin Bowman)
Dancing 1st
Phone 1-800-868-3410

Bonner and Sharna – Cha Cha (Song: “Move” by Luke Bryan)
Phone 1-800-868-3401

Charo and Keo – Salsa – (Song: “Cuban Pete” by Mambo Compañeros)
Phone 1-800-868-3402

Chris and Whitney – Cha Cha (Song: “What is Love” by Haddaway
Phone 1-800-868-3403

David and Lindsay – Quickstep (Song: “Go Cubs Go” by Steve Goodman)
Phone 1-800-868-3404

Erika and Gleb – Salsa  (Song: “XXPEN$IVE” by Erika Jayne)
Phone 1-800-868-3405

Heather and Maks – Viennese Waltz – (Song: “Make Something Beautiful” by Ben Rector)
Phone 1-800-868-3406

Mr. T and Kym – Cha Cha (Song: “Theme from the A-Team” by Mike Post, Pete Carpenter and The Daniel Caine Orchestra
Phone 1-800-868-3407

Nancy and Artem – Viennese Waltz (Song: “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel)
Phone 1-800-868-3408

Nick and Peta – Cha Cha (Song: “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake and Tiësto featuring Justin Bieber)
Phone 1-800-868-3409

Rashad and Emma – Cha Cha  (Song: “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars)
Phone 1-800-868-3411

Simone and Sasha – Tango (Song: “Untouchable” by Tritonal and Cash Cash)
Phone 1-800-868-3412