Bonner Bolton Talks On Dancing With The Stars Before The Premiere

ABC in Texas chatted with Bonner Bolton about Dancing With The Stars. Hear what he says about the challenges he has after his bull riding accident, his goals, how he hopes to inspire others and more HERE or at the link below.

ETA: You can also read a fun interview at The Wrap. Here’s a take….

We’ve seen professional athletes excel on “Dancing With the Stars” many times. How are your bull-riding skills going to help you on the show?
I’ve danced growing up in the dance halls, but that’s a whole other animal than ballroom dancing. You have to have all this proper technique and structure for your step. But there are a lot of parallels between bull riding and ballroom: You’ve got to have rhythm, timing, balance, coordination, be liquid in your hips and light on your toes… It takes a lot of athleticism. I think a lot of the same things that make a good dancer are needed to be a bull rider.

Do you care that people are underestimating you in favor of more famous contestants like Simone Biles, Nancy Kerrigan and David Ross?
It is an advantage that I am coming in as dark horse, as a lot of people are still learning about my story and the sport because they aren’t aware of what that entails. It is somewhat of a double-edged sword, but hopefully I can bring some positive awareness to the sport. “DWTS” is about to acquire some hardcore PBR fans, it’s an extreme sport so their fans are going to be extreme.