DWTS Season 24 Heather Morris Writes Of What It Was Like To Meet Maks Chmerkovksiy And More

Heather Morris’ first blog at People, she writes of what it was like to first meet her Dancing With The Stars partner Maks Chmerkovksiy and the things they had in common. She also talks of their rehearsals and how she’s prepared her self mentally. Here is more….

A few days and a few rehearsals later, we were told we’d be given our music and style of dance. It turned out to be the Viennese waltz and I was relieved, to say the least. I didn’t wanna get something super challenging right off the bat and be both mentally and physically exhausted every single day when I got home to my family.

The waltz seemed like a nice, relaxing dance. How hard could it be? HARD.

I’m such a perfectionist (in some aspects of life, that is) and it’s very hard for me to just chill out, arch my back and correct my seemingly poor posture. I was trying my hardest to do just those few simple things, but my back WAS KILLING ME by the end of the week and I still had to find the energy to cook dinner, plan personal press wardrobe AND still do an entire bedtime routine with the kids at night.

I’m also really working on mentally preparing myself to keep my nerves under control because, as many times as I’ve performed live, nothing compares to having 40 million viewers watch me do a dance one time and then vote if they actually liked it or not. Yikes.

All in all, I’m just trying to let things be what they are and enjoy myself, cuz it’s only going to get more challenging from here. Even if I only have one more week left after I perform the waltz, I’d still say I made a few great friends and had an amazing ride! And also, I got to meet Chris Kattan, which for any fan of the Y2K SNL generation is a very big deal! (He’s hysterical, by the way.)

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