DWTS Season 24, WEEK ONE – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Here we go again. Only this time subjected to new levels of BS I’m sure.  With contributions from Maks, who supposedly was all “what about Nicole and Derek!” in response to criticism about Heather. :::rolls eyes::: If he really said that, his stupid is showing. I can’t believe an actual dance pro would have to read Courtney’s article on Heather to GET IT, but clearly he does.

Anyway, I gotta go open the wine.

Of course the first three pros we see are Val, Gleb and Maks cuz the women don’t mean jack. Gee, Heather can really dance. What a shock. Not.

Already sick of seeing Val. He was all over that dance.

Normani seems sweet. What is on Val’s head?

When are we going to see some quickstep? That was the longest lead in yet, continuing the Chmerkovskiy penchant to screw around instead of doing the assigned style.

I would agree with that score. Think CAI should have whipped out a 6 too.  Oh poor Val – his over inflated average will take a hit. :::rolls eyes:::

I think Nancy’s entire dance was as long as the time Normani spent NOT doing quickstep.  Other than that, I think she and Artem have a very sweet chemistry. Her marks were rather truncated, it seemed like. She’s very elegant though.

And Nancy moves into first place. Works for me. Too much mucking about should be penalized, especially when your a RINGER.

I think Chris is hilarious, but I didn’t find the dance as funny as Witney probably hoped. I wanted to like it, if that counts.

Lord, Bonner is SEX-AY!! And he did pretty well with his dance as well! I enjoyed it. He needs to loosen up a bit in spots, but that was really good!

Damn, Sharna has a killer bod. Amazing. They got kinda hosed on the scores, IMO.

Next on DWTS, Charo climbs Keo. LOL! I can’t understand her, but I love her.

That was amazing – I love her. 🙂  And was that Sean Lowe off by the trombone shaking a maraca with a big grin on his face?? LOL!

OMG, I’m dying. From love to murder, with Charo.

Nick is actually hilarious…and flirting with Bruno is never a bad way to go.

Okay, color me impressed with Nick! That was a pretty damn decent effort! I’m pleasantly surprised.

Kinda surprised that the judges are being so hard on him – he must be threatening the chosen one.

And the baby pimple begins. That’s a good score for Nick. I think they might want to watch out for him. He’s driven and he’s got a bit of natural talent.

Wow, actually showing Heather’s Beyonce moves.  Yeah, no one buys the “no ballroom” argument any more.

Maks actually keeps the screwing around to a minimum. Still plenty of Chmerkovskiy moves in there though. Nothing spectacular. Just nice.

So much for the judges grading harder. Damn, Julianne!!  Doing the producers apology tour for them. What the hell.

I am thoroughly disgusted. Then again, the backlash must be pretty bad if the judges are kissing some ass.

Go Erin! That was good. 🙂  I guess that’s an okay score.  SHUT UP, Maks! My god. Way too many mouthy C-boys this season with no good choreo to balance them out.

Loving David – his hilarious and is kids are darling. Dance was darling – Lindsay did more with that dance with a non-dancer than Maks did with his with a ringer. Amazing. That was really good and I’m happily surprised by the scores. I think I’m voting for him.

Erika – she did a pretty good job! I didn’t think it was raunchy at all, Len. Sheesh.  She runs the risk, I think, of getting lost in the shuffle. She’s in the second hour, but she’s sandwiched between a cub and the heavy hitters at the end of the line up.

Daaaaammnn…Rashad just killed that dance. Not only is he hot and charming but he just DANCED it like crazy!! Dang. I don’t know which athlete to root for!

Heh. I was telling people in the comments on this site that either Charo or Mr. T would go last and I was pretty close! Mr. T  is second to last. Week 1, the big “get” goes last – and people were worried that would be Normani or Heather. Nope. Simone and Mr. T.

Mr. T is pretty charming, but Kym has her work cut out for her. I hope he does well. I love him. 🙂

Sasha did a great job with Simone – got kinda hosed with the song, but they did a great job.  Simone is going to be a great dancer – and will show better than Laurie if Sasha keeps up the tremendous choreography. Sasha, Emma, Lindsay, Sharna…even Peta…totally SCHOOLED the boys who have the massive ringers. Having a ringer is only half the battle – you need to actually do them justice with the choreography.

Now I don’t know who to vote for…David, Rashad or Simone. Really liked Nick and Bonner too.