PureDWTS Season 24 Exclusive Interview: Gleb Savchenko Talks On The Premiere, Gleberika Specials, And Lots More

Dancing With The Stars Pro Gleb Savchenko answered a few questions for us about the new Season of Dancing With The Stars. He also answered a few questions on his dancing in the past. Lots more below including some hints of what’s to come tonight for the premiere. I love what he said on the costumes too. Ha! (((((THANKS GLEB))))) and bring On The Gleberika Specials!!

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What inspires your dancing and choreography? The music, a theme or character,or something else? Also, what is your favorite dance to choreograph?

It’s a combination of all three it definitely starts with the music, then I come up with the theme and always try to make sure it’s something that works for my partner at the time. My favourite dance to choreograph was the Argentine tango because it’s something that had never been done before and was risky to do anything could’ve gone wrong.

What are the big differences between Strictly Come Dancing, DWTS and DWTS Russia and what element(s) of other versions of DWTS do you wish the US version would emulate?

DWTS definitely has the biggest stage production it feels like a huge stage show each week which I love, there’s absolutely nothing that I’d change about the US version of the show it’s awesome

Now a few questions on the new season:

What are some similarities and differences between Lisa and Erika, since both are Real Housewives? Also, what do you think will make Erika special on Dancing With The Stars?

They’re both strong, successful women. The obvious difference is that Erika has some stage experience although ballroom dancing is VERY different to the type of Dancing ‘Erika Jayne’ is used to! I think Erika’s stage presence and powerful expressions will make Erika stand out.

Will there be any new ‘Gleb Specials’ this season?

Always and this time there will be some Gleberika specials 😉

Any hints or teasers on your first dance with Erika. Also, how are the costume designs coming along?

It’s a very ‘expensive’ dance and the costumes haven’t taken long to create because there’s not much material being used.