Charo And Keo Motsepe Get Ready For Dancing With The Stars Week Two

Charo and Keo Motsepe talked with ABC7 in Chicago about their first performance on Dancing With The Stars and she had a few choice words to say about it. She’s so fun….

Charo may not have gotten the highest scores for her debut performance on “Dancing with the Stars” but she stole the spotlight with her salsa and sass.

There was no rest for Charo and partner Keo Motsepe the day after the 24th season premiere. It was back to rehearsing for the second episode. But the entertainer was ready to speak her mind.

“I was (expletive) off. I was expecting six,” she said.

“Mama did good she did really good she got robbed, she got robbed on those scores,” Shel Rasten, Charo’s son, said.

And Charo was not happy about her makeup job.

“They put me lips that I can suck an orange. I don’t believe it,” she said.

“Please Chicago, please, I apologize for my lips. They put so much makeup around the eyes, I did not recognize me,” she said. “I looked like a frog on her wedding day.”

More at ABC7 in Chicago. Also, thanks to Keodancerfans, here’s a hint on their next dance…